Prends-moi (перевод на Английский)

перевод на Английский

Take me

Hey, can you hear me?
I know you're listening
You won't take your guitar tonight
You'll take me
I, who take it so well,
take it, take it, so well - the light -
In the tender hours, on the grain of my skin
You won't take your car
That's for sure, you'll take me
I who reciprocate your touch so well
In the tender hours
The beast with two backs
Likes to hear the hottest words
Even if I take you too
You, who lie so well
You have me, have me under your spell with a smile
In the hours when my Cadiot trembles
That we're together, even if it's not real
Hey, tonight, you won't take your guitar
Because you're taking me, me...
I'm gonna cry if you leave
Tonight, we're gonna love each other again
Like so many times, when we adore each other
So come on, take me in your arms.
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