Ramund Hin Unge (перевод на Английский)

перевод на Английский

Ramund The Young

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Ramund would have been a better man
if he owned better clothed
The queen gave him clothes consisting
of blue yarn, bast, and leather
"I don't want such things," said Ramund
"Such things don't suit me," said Ramund the young
Ramund walked by the salty seashore
there, he saw seven frost giants standing
"I'll take Ramund with my weakest hand
and throw him far offshore"
"You won't manage that alone," said Ramund
"All seven of you must come," said Ramund the young
Ramund grabbed his precious sword
the one he called Red Dimling
He cut the seven forst giants in one movement
so that they bled to death
"There lie all seven," said Ramund the young
"Yet, here I still stand," sagde Ramund the young
The emperor looked out of his window
with fear and a sorrowful expression
"Who is the man standing in the courtyard
laughing so horrendously?"
"It's me, and I'd like," said Ramund
"To challenge you to a duel," said Ramund the young
Ramund grabbed is big knife
the one he called Precious Dimling
He cut through the emperor by his waist
So that his head flew fifteen miles
"I didn't mean it in a bad way," said Ramund
"Yet the blood is running down," said Ramund the young
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Ramund Hin Unge

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