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Keep it Mello

[Verse 1]
Woke up and just felt right
Phone blown like a tailpipe
Today's schedule air tight
I turn a short day into a long night
See you soon if you got the heart
Meet you outside reny park
Hurry up it it's gettin dark
We don't say too much
And that says a lot
Hoped into that old Benz
Drive through where that road ends
Good times with some old friends
I got just the thing if you so tense
Burn one lets go do some
She got me stoned as Medusa
Zoned out with a blank stare
I'm lookin' into the future
Hold up ain't nothing gonna hold us
Put the devil to the side
Got an angel on my shoulder
And I'm like hello
It's good to finally let go
I ain't worried bout a thing
I just like to keep it mellow
Yea I like to keep it mello
I smoke and keep it mello
I drink and keep it mello
Everyday I keep it mello
[Verse 2]
It's like 4 am and I'm bored again
When that 40 end
When that dream team all played out and they hit bench
I just step back lemme soak it in
I've Seen the ups and downs
So I get it now, I was born to win
It's my time bout time, my turn I can't lie
Waiting for that one spark
My one hope to catch fire
I'm fine , I'm high
Light rain through the sunshine
Tryin to man this old boat
I'm the captain now and it's crunch time
I don't care if I'm gettin paid
Need the week but I get the day
Wide awake when i need sleep
I'm knee deep but I set the way
Focused on that one mistake let it free don't let it break
Fuck it all, I'm turning in
My celly's off the great escape
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