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Текст песни Visual Purple

  • Исполнитель: Sara Ayers

Visual Purple

A lonely huntress looking for a game
It's a jungle out there; I suspect it's all the same
One touch or another, another body falls
Another little murder within her walls
Visual purple, the predator sleeps
I reach but I can't find you in the dark
Your touch has left its mark
I find you by the beating of your heart
A shrugging of his shoulders and a chaste or morbid kiss
It's such a little death with your name on her lips
With his name on her arrow, you've no choice but you've bled
Another little murder in the confines of her bed
Stripping away armor, she strips away her skin
The huntress finds that she's ready to begin again
A child in the wild with no charted rules
A pilgrim kneeling in the sainted vestibule
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