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赤裸々 (Sekirara) (перевод на Английский)


なんなんだ 狂ってんのは
なんてこった 信じられないわ
まあ万が一 何があったって
代役は不在で定刻 激情の閃き
嗚呼、連れ去って連れ去って この業から
逃れられない あたしを
舞台上 張物の世相
仕掛けは御無用 身一つ黙らす見世物
なんなんだ 狂ってんのは
なんてこった 一寸たんま
そんな人生はくだらない あたしはいらない
嗚呼、疑って疑って きりないよな
代えがきかない この生き様
暴いてくれ さあ、あたしを
Добавлено haeksakhaeksak в 2022-05-17
перевод на АнглийскийАнглийский
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Don’t block your ears at the sound of the show starting
It’s already been playing for quite a while now
This is a stage made of fantasy and reality
So for that blending of fiction
To not understand the first thing about anything
And still want today to last forever? That’s knocking at the wrong door
“Safe” and “sound”, “fit” and “well”
Those kinds of measurements aren’t to be trusted
They’re a kind of magic that induces the illusion of salvation
Hiding the real answers, talking about “inferiority” and “affection” and all that
And then when they hit the spotlight, in the end
They’ll just chicken out and not be able to say anything, right?
Huh, what? So you’re telling me that
It wasn’t just the world that was crazy?
What? Oh no! I can’t believe this!
I really can’t go on like this!
Well, even in the worst-case scenario
I just want to think that love is my motive
I want to say it’s the best, and go out that way… to life!
Ah, this just isn’t supposed to be happening
The understudy is absent just on time, a flash of flaming passion
Ah, take me away, take me away from this fate
But you can’t, can’t escape… from me
On the stage, a sign of the times in the backdrop
You’d better tune in to that subtext
(Another full house! Thanks and come again!)
That’s right, what a real “thrill” is is a kind of trust you can’t buy with money
And this dialogue, made on demand
Your schemes are futile, this spectacle will have you quiet with pure skill alone
Huh, what? So you’re telling me that
It wasn’t just the world that was crazy?
What? Oh no! Wait, pause, time out
I can’t be doing all this, for real
It’s best you put away those sentimental props
There’s no point just barking our heads off at each other
Give me that kind of comedy you can only see from your lowest!
You can’t believe someone?
That kind of life is stupid, I don’t need it
Ah, doubting and doubting, there’s just no end
If you want to know, then…
No matter how many times we have to do it over, I’m sure that
It has to be like this, there’s absolutely no other way!
You’re the only one who could ever play this role!
It’s irreplaceable, this way of life
Charge right in! If you want to be loved, it’s just a matter of loving first
Tell your shoddy and prideless feeling of lightness
That the curtains will rise for us
Come on and bare it all - now, all that I am!
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Translated by "haeksak". Let me know if you reprint this translation elsewhere, and please credit me.

Добавлено haeksakhaeksak в 2022-05-17

Here we go! I started the translation just after I heard the live premiere and found the lyrics. Here are some notes.

1) No, this song isn't about literal nudity, it's metaphorical. It's a play where everything is shown: "baring it all".

2) "I want to say it’s the best, and go out that way… to life!" is a double-meaning of charging into life, but also "going out" (dying) that way.

3) When she says "a flash of flaming passion", that was actually part the name of the tour she just did before this single released, "Gekijou Alert"!

I spent a good amount of time making sure every double meaning got across in English and the phrasing was intuitive, but if there's something you don't get, let me know and I'll explain it (or maybe think of a better translation).

Thanks for reading my translation, and as always, please credit me if you reference it!
Also, do not use this translation baked into an English lyric video without contacting me first. That's happened to me before; please don't do it.

Переводы "赤裸々 (Sekirara)"
Английский haeksak
Idioms from "赤裸々"
uji nauji na    ср, 28/09/2022 - 17:47

I want to say it’s the best, and go out that way… to life!

I want to end my life by saying my life was the best!

逝く is pass away.

So, literal translation can be,

I want to say it was the best, and pass away my life!

haeksakhaeksak    чт, 29/09/2022 - 08:10

I know this. I actually specifically wrote this line to include the triple meaning of "want to pass away", "want to live", and "want to go". I explained this in my translator's notes.

uji nauji na    чт, 29/09/2022 - 09:00

No. 逝く can not put into "want to go" in this case. Unfortunately.

uji nauji na    чт, 29/09/2022 - 09:28

I saw your footnote.
2) "I want to say it’s the best, and go out that way… to life!" is a double-meaning of charging into life, but also "going out" (dying) that way.


haeksakhaeksak    пн, 03/10/2022 - 10:22

Your suggestion "pass away my life" doesn't obviously allude to death, either. In fact, it feels worse than my rendition, because "pass away" feels like a very slow and uneventful way to go through life, which doesn't match the energy of what she's saying.

I write all of my translations under the premise that people will also read any footnotes. In this case, there would have been no way to make it unambiguously clear that there was wordplay without a footnote, and I always do this to explain double meanings.

Anyways, I'll say it again, but please stop commenting on my translations about my English word choices and offering less natural rewordings. It is not helpful. Please only comment if you think there's an actual objective error, or if there is a more optimized, readable phrasing I could use for a line. Also, do not comment on my old translations.

Thank you.

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