شكراً (Shokran) (перевод на Английский)



شكراً كده للي سابنا
واللي إستتقل عتابنا
ميجيش ويدق بابنا
عايزين نفرح شوية
خلينا نعيش حياتنا
بمزاجنا وبراحتنا
واللي يقل في راحتنا
يمشي الفترة اللي جاية
كدة لأ تمام التمام
ولا ندي حد إهتمام
مش طالبة زعل الليلادي
واللي بيتلكك سلام
كل اللي جاي إنبساط
روّق هتنسى اللي فات
عايزين نعيش الليلادي
مش هنقضيها حكايات
الدنيا دي ليها حسبة
فرح وأحزان بنسبة
ليه نعيش ف خيالنا كذبة
ليه نعمل مسرحية
اللي يوقّف طريقنا
واللي ميبقاش طايقنا
مع نفسه ده ويفارقنا
ونقوله ده مية مية
واللي متسلمش منه
على طول إستغنى عنه
لما يقابلك كأنه
هوا قدامك معدي
نفرح ونعيش بكيفنا
وماعاش اللي يناكفنا
ياما عيشنا وياما شوفنا
ولا تشغلنا الحاجات دي
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Thanks to whoever abandoned us
and couldn't take us blaming them
They should never knock our door
We want to be happy for a while
Let us live our life
the way we want to, so freely
whoever disturbs our peace
should go away from now on
Oh yeah, this is the way it should be
We won't care for anyone
We don't need sadness tonight
Bye to those who create problems out of nothing
The future is full of joy
Cheer up, we'll forget the past
We want to live fully tonight
and not spend it all dealing with issues
Life is somewhat of an equation
It's a percentage of joy and sadness
Why would we live in an imaginary lie?
Why create such a fake act?
Whoever stands in our way
And whoever can't stand us
Should go their own way and leave us
And we'll tell them, it's perfect this way
And those who can harm you
should be discarded right away
When they cross paths with you
pretend like they are thin air
We'll be happy and live the way we want
Screw anyone that quarrels with us
We've already seen it all
Those tiny things won't bother us
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