Silverstein - Whiplash

  • Исполнитель: Silverstein
  • Песня: Whiplash
  • Альбом: Dead Reflection


Late night
I try to focus on the blurred lights
Neon signs
and my hands are freezing
Snowblind and head down
with the wind in my eyes
This icy road stares back
Thereʼs only so much hope
when every place I go
Reminds me Iʼll never get back home
But thereʼs no time
I look up into headlights
The screeching tires seem to call my name
I deserve this
itʼs all true
Iʼm burning up
Everything you said hit me like a car wreck
Facedown on the cold ground
Slipping away as the past comes back
Iʼm face down on the cold ground
Slipping away as it fades to black
a thousand thoughts converge on impact
I cry for help
But thereʼs no one left
and the silence wins again
Iʼm barely breathing as they call my name
But in the pouring rain
I never felt like that
you said you felt the same
Canʼt spend another day here
I keep looking back
as youʼre looking away
Iʼm no better than bad luck
Walk away while you can
Turn the page then nail the book shut
Just walk away while you can
Just walk away
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