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    Desperate Measures • Cobwebs (2012)

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текст песни Desperate Measures

[Verse 1 - Syntax Vernac]
Let it begin with true weight
Heart-strings pullin' at the shoulder blades
Makin' it impossible to spread wings
Dead things don't progress
Objects become pollinated with soul and animate
Feather weight body parts rise
Heaven gates are wide and everybody's screamin' how they gon' die
I gotta lie just to make their eyes wide
Truth has made them numb
The optics only know to cry
They abide by rules that bring 'em down regular
And get punished with thinkin' we're more than cellular
I got ways to break rules and take fools down
The ones who believe in the control illusion
Claimin' that they conscious but indeed they snoozin'
Apocalypse stoppin' this work of rockin' hits
The real unveil their shell and do everything they can to escape this hell
[Verse 2 - DrewID]
Desperate times call for desperate measures
You're livin' a life where death is pleasure
You're singin' the strife and what it takes to get her
And it never is enough so accept the less
So unless the questions address, you have no answers
Then we're just wastin' time, the ghosts of me and you and her
Cuz' all she ever wanted was the world in her hands
But it slipped right through her palms when it all turned to sand
You've got high expectations but low motivation
Growin' impatient in a slowly dyin' nation
The connotations we'll always assume
It's time we confront the elephant in the room
How you gonna get to where you need to go?
Smokin' weed all day and watching the grass grow
The clock is tickin' like someone hit fast-forward
Not gettin' any younger just turning old
What I'd give to be a kid again like back in the day
My only worry was doin' homework and practicin' plays
Make sure I study for the tests and pass 'em with A's
Now I'm gettin' mad cuz' it seems they match the shades
A lot of family and close friends are passin' away
May you rest in peace, I raise my head when passin' your grave
How many hours can collapse in a day
Often wonderin' why a bum's the only one to be askin' for change


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