SuperM - Trailer : MARK

  • Исполнитель: SuperM ( 슈퍼엠)
  • Альбом: SuperM

Trailer : MARK

Ya! Woo! Say!
Woo, say
Too many adulates these days
I'ma try to tame these names
Who the main of this game?
I know you can't stand my name
And you know that that won't change
Knew you from a mile away
You wanna see me 'til I hit it to your face
I'ma ride like I know just where to be (Yeah)
Look at 'em tire marks, they're burnin' on the streets, yeah, yeah
I'ma ride with my ego 'cause my ego scream
Louder than this engine, beep!
Catch me black when it leaks
My feet on the pedal (Pedal)
Smell it burning rubber (Rubber)
Running on the gear, other on the wheel
Looking at the rear mirror, closer than they appear
Will no one be near, this is how it feels
Super automobile is in the kill
Don't ever try to come even closer
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