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Та, Которую Я Люблю (Ta, kotoruju ya ljublju) (перевод на Английский)

перевод на АнглийскийАнглийский

The One I Love

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I dreamed of a way to the North,
The smoothness and the silence.
And as if the Heaven opened,
And You are there, looking.
The angels, all in radiance,
And in the same row among them
Next to You stands her -
The one I love.
And I'm saying:
- Listen, what would you like, tell me, -
My body and my soul,
My life and my death,
Anything that's not yet sung,
The place in your Heaven..
Only give me her,
The one I love.
There's not much light inside the heart,
A 30 Watt bulb.
It will burn too -
To get a new one I've got to go down to the Hell.
But I keep dancing without looking
On the icy edge,
Because she is holding me,
The one I love.
What's ahead - I've no idea,
But I know my fate -
Here she is, waiting for me,
The one I love.
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Та, Которую Я Люблю (Ta, kotoruju ya ljublju)

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