Miguel Bosé - Ternura (перевод на Английский)

  • Исполнитель: Miguel Bosé (Luis Miguel González Bosé)
  • Альбом: Miguel Bosé (1978)
  • Песня: Ternura
перевод на Английский


So much time without knowing anything about you
I've grown old waiting for the moment
To find you again
If you knew how much I missed you
How many nights I dreamed awake
I called for you again and again
Everything is so different
Ever since you left
Nothing has given me back that (feeling of)
Mutual understanding
Today I quickly find
In a moment of love
Of an empty, cold love without dreams
Without mystery and excitement
Hardly natural
If you could only imagine
The emptiness that lies in my hands
And how clumsy they are
I don't find that music that
Your voice was when you talked
About simple things I never wanted to listen to
I was so ignorant that I never could
Understand the value of a kiss
And I ruined everything
I sought to become a man
In a bigger bed
And I lost the only thing that had any value at all
Your tenderness, your caress
All of your warmth
Forgive me
I don't know if you remain the same
It's possible that pain and age changed you
Don't talk to me, for
I'd rather remember you as you were
I'd rather call you "tenderness" (dearest)
Over seeing you again
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