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: Manuel Franjo - time ::.
time,you haven't left that time
you've helped to forget our love
to forget the heat
time, stop the moment
the hours you're away from me
the silence is here
for your love
the sun raises each dawn
the nights have covered me with pleasure
my eyes found the color through you
if you go
my body won't be able to breath
my days filled of loneliness
nothing will be important if you're not
without you
there is no time
can't stay any more
listen to the pain in my voice
the silence enters both
time (x2)
there is no time
they say to me the time
help to forget the plain
to forget the love
time (x3)
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Mabel LugoMabel Lugo    чт, 02/06/2011 - 22:39

Yo sustituiría algunas frases, así:
tiempo, no dejes que el tiempo te ayude a olvidar nuestro amor ------> Time, don´t let the time help you to forget our love

las horas te alejan de mi ------> the hours take you away from me