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The things that I couldn't tell my boyfriend or my family
All those things
You listened to them all
And that's why I could bear the loneliness and anything that happened to me
I stand here crying, beaten by the rain that just won't stop
Is there anyone out there that can make me laugh besides you?
You were always
So close that I couldn't tell I love you
Once again, the magic spell to turn back time plays in my heart today
We've said and done things
Like kissing and even some stuff beyond that
But we aren't two people who can fit the label of lovers
(that's right, that's right, that's right)
You stand there crying for being rejected by someone you love
I'm glad to be the only one that can comfort you
I wish I had hugged you and told I love you
Once again, the magic spell to turn back time plays in my heart today
I always
Wanted to ask you about your feelings, but I never could
Who was I trying to protect with my lies?
All those missed chances
Have surprisingly taught me a lot
The water can't go back to the glass after you spill it
I wish I could tell
To the two of us from back then
That we are much more fascinating now
My friend
Let's stop only noticing things after we've already lost them
I'll give you the magic spell to turn back time
If I turn back time
Will you be mine?
If I turn back time
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