Tongue in Cheek

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Meanings of "Tongue in Cheek"


Not serious; making a joke

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насмешливо-иронический; издевательский; лукавый; говорить неискренне, иронически, в шутку.

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Hovoriť ironicky, zosmiešňovať, ako vtip

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"Tongue in Cheek" в текстах

Eminem - Rap God

I bully myself 'cause I make me do what I put my mind to
And I'm a million leagues above you
Ill when I speak in tongues, but it's still tongue-in-cheek, fuck you!
I'm drunk, so, Satan, take the fucking wheel

KMFDM - Megalomaniac

Like a fiendish tropic virus
Spitting bile at all you whores
Razor-sharp tongue-in-cheek
Poking in your open sores

Georges Brassens - Old Léon

never, ever,
do we put them
in the Panthéon[fn]The Panthéon de Paris, at the top of the montagne Sainte-Geneviève; only "national heroes" can be buried there, although other "great men" may be remembered on plaques there (for example the French people recognised by the Yad Vashem memorial as "righteous among the nations" share a plque there. Brassens is suggesting (tongue in cheek) that it's a mistake not to recognise accordion players as national heroes[/fn]
Old man, you have had

Grand Corps Malade - Tightrope walker

That I have my place at the Olympia [fn]Most likely referring to the music hall in Paris.[/fn], but also in the M.J.C.'s [fn]Could stand for 'Maison des Jeunes et de la Culture', which are somewhat like community centres in the english speaking world, from what I understand.[/fn]
I take a step back and put on gloves when I see the sparkle and sequins.
The good people [fn]This is used in a bit of a tongue-in-cheek manner, and would be closer to the 19th century english 'gentle-folk'. (ie. upper class, high-society)[/fn] feel important, to me who they cause stress, they aren't genuine.
I won't spit in the soup, I've met people who are really good,

Leonid Filatov - The Tale of Soldier Fedot, The Daring Fellow

Rotting in a prison camp!
I'm quite serious!.. Don't think
That I 'm talking tongue in cheek.
The German baron that we knew

Eminem - My Dad's Gone Crazy

Is a genius at work, which to me isn't work
So it's easy to misinterpret it at first, ‘cause when I speak
It's tongue-in-cheek, I'd yank my fuckin' teeth
Before I'd ever bite my tongue, I'd slice my gums

Fifth Harmony - All in My Head

Curtains like waves closing in all around us, yeah, yeah, yeah
Dimming the lights just so that they don't blind us, ha, nah, nah
So tongue in cheek when we're laying on roses
But you're touching my skin and you're leaving me hopeless

Hej Matematik - Life In Plastic

We snap with the eye and tongue in cheek
When everyone are friends you miss the enemy
Up and down charts, expectations burst
As hair becomes style and music becomes hits

Ellie Goulding - I'll Hold My Breath

Pack a suitcase, wonder to the next town
Force quit, on your losing streak
Solve a riddle in a magazine, be tongue in cheek
Tell me that we're still too young, that we're still too young and I'll my tongue

Piknik (Russia) - Silver Dust

If he passes you by, say that you are in luck,
To wreak havoc and blight is his craft for the ruck,
Or to juggle with words and to speak tongue in cheek:
Quasimodo's a freak, Quasimodo's a freak.

Mötley Crüe - Angela

Angela, I'll be there

I've been a poet always tongue in cheek
I've seen some scenes man you'd never believe

Sundara Karma - Vivienne

I never knew
Didn't see
That fate could be so tongue in cheek
A loving kindness that's both brutal and bleak

Of Mice & Men - Identity Disorder

But the cold is comforting.
My mouth is a liar,
With my silver tongue in cheek

Ozzy Osbourne - Thank God For The Bomb

I'll thank God for war's defeat
But any talk about hell freezing over
Is all said with tongue in cheek
Until the day the war drums beat no more

Skyclad - My Naked I

I wish that you could know one day the secrets I've been keeping,
Of the demons I have locked away - they prowl a one track mind.
If you had thought this tongue in cheek was just reserved for speaking
one hour at my sweet mercy would be sure to send you blind.

Skyclad - Mein nacktes Ich

Ich wünschte du könntest eines Tages die Geheimnisse erfahren, die ich bewahrt habe,
(und) von den Dämonen, die ich weggesperrt habe - sie durchstreifen einen einspurigen Geist.
Wenn du gedacht hättest, diese Zunge im Mundwinkel<fn>"tongue in cheek" ist ein Idiom, das in etwa "ironisch" bedeutet</fn> wäre nur zum Reden vorgesehen:
dann würde eine Stunde meiner süßen Gnade ausgeliefert dich sicher erblinden lassen<fn>bin mir nicht sicher, was "send blind" wirklich heißt - und verstehe auch nicht ganz den logischen Zusammenhang zur vorherigen Zeile</fn>.

Eminem - Kick Off (Freestyle)

My fuckin' wiener's in a combative mood
Come and suck a mean one like it's mad at you
I speak tongue-in-cheek, what you asslicks do
'Cause you love to eat butt, it's sad but true

Odett - Goldfish

Growing old together is just a formality

A shovel, a hoe and a blender[fn]This is a tongue-in-cheek alteration of a traditional saying that is used at Hungarian weddings. The original goes something like: "May only the shovel, the hoe and the great bell separate you two!", meaning that only death should do the married couple part.[/fn]
That's what our typical day resembles

3OH!3 - Don't Dance

Tongue in cheek till a hole burns out her mouth,
And fingers crossed like the promise of cub scouts,