Россия ведет позорную войну с Украиной.     Поддержи Украину!


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Здохнуть хай всі, дай Бог
Орки усі, дай Бог
Путіна вб'ють, дай Бог

Росія вбиває все живе

Слава русским убийцам!
Слава русским убийцам детей!
Слава русским насильникам!
Слава русским мучителям!
Слава русским военным преступникам!
Ваша страна гордится вами!

Зa Украинy
Зa детей Украины, Донбассa, Мариуполя

Russia is a terrorist state

Россия - приносящая смерть
Russia is the bringer of death

No, this is how you end this "conflict", you murdering criminals:
Same here:
"The Ukrainian deserves to live in good neighborliness, friendship, prosperity next to its Slavic brothers," Lavrov said. And they will as soon as their criminal Fascist "brothers" stop killing them and get the fuck out of Ukraine.
Es kann der Beste nicht in Frieden leben, wenn es dem bösen Nachbarn nicht gefällt.

Putin tells the mothers of Russians he sent to die: "I share your pain." What an insult. You don't share nothing of their pain. Your children are not dying! But many children of many mothers are dying because of you!
Putin urged the mothers of Russians he sent to die to distrust the internet: "You can't trust anything there at all, there are all sorts of fakes, deception, lies" - that is the first true word we have heard from this man. Слава российским интернет-троллям! World famous Russian internet trolls!
And here's the confirmation - don't trust the internet, Russian mothers of dead soldiers killed by Putin's insanity! In reality the "mothers" Putin talked to were party officials. Cheap fake instead of deep fake Wink smile
Russia's Fake News producing troll army

Putin wants to entice mothers with a nice title to give life to ten or more children to send them to die in his war - in a long-standing tradition of Fascist regimes - that is exactly what Hitler did in preparation for World War II (Mother's Cross). You probably won't get your promised money though, матушки, because, well, of the war.

Another bedtime story for the brainwashed

Banker and entrepreneur Oleg Tinkov has renounced his Russian citizenship because of the conflict in Ukraine, which he has previously criticised. “I have taken the decision to exit my Russian citizenship. I can’t and won’t be associated with a fascist country that started a war with their peaceful neighbour and killing innocent people daily,” Tinkov said. “I hate Putin’s Russia, but love all Russians, who are clearly against this insane war!”

Criminals invading Ukraine, get your name tattoed on your skin so your body can be identified and sent back to your family.

Сталин Большой террор 1938 mass murderer
Hitler World War II 1939 mass murderer



Remember that all through history, there have been tyrants and murderers, and for a time, they seem invincible. But in the end, they always fall. Always. - Mahatma Gandhi

The belief in a supernatural source of evil is not necessary. Men alone are quite capable of every wickedness. - Joseph Conrad


Manchmal kann man gar nicht so viel essen, wie man kotzen möchte.

People who steal from others and live at other people's expense are criminals. They do not have the same values as normal people. Lying, betrayal, taking what's not theirs and even killing to get what they want - these are their values and they are proud of it.

СС Putin

Russia is a terrorist state

Putin's speech - Russia is so poor and misunderstood, Russia was forced by to invade and bomb Ukraine, to kill civilians, to bring death and destruction to Ukraine, now bad bad Ukraine does not want to talk to Russia anymore, Russia would be open to talks, but it's Ukraine's fault that there are no talks, and the whole invasion and death and destruction and threat of nuclear war is anyone's fault but Russia's:
Talks with Russia in the past - and the present.

Kremlin propagandist Krasovsky on National TV, this is how Russians think about Ukrainians and the atrocities committed by Russian soldiers in Ukraine on women and children

Three monsters

Until nothing's left but him in a hell of his own making

Talks with Russia in the past - and the present.

S. Lavrov taught the world a new name for the Kremlin Criminals in his speech at the UN
Сукин сын
which apparently means Сволочь, Мерзавец, or Мразь

In his International Women's Day address on 8 March, Putin insisted that no reservists would be called up to fight in Ukraine. He explicitly promised the mothers, daughters, fiancées and wives that their sons, fathers, fiancés and husbands would not be ordered to fight in Ukraine.
Only brainwashed people believe a word this man says.

Sham referendums show that about 98 % of the Ukrainian people in the occupied regions vote at gunpoint for joining Russia - that's pathetic. Hitler had almost 100 % in '38.

Russian man accused of not wanting to fight for his country says: My grandfather fought for this country - but this is not a fight for my country, it's politics.
Protests against Putin's mobilisation order
нет могилизaции


Putin says, all Russians should now fight for their home country, but you are not - you are invading Ukrainians' home country! You are the baddies in this aggression! You are the Nazis invading Poland! Stay in your own home country and fight for a better life in Russia! Don't die for Putin's insane invasion! Putin earns hundreds of millions of dollars EVERY SINGLE DAY from gas and oil - tell Putin to spend this enormous money for the good of the Russian people and do not let him send you to die!

Putin says, now it's war, and Russians flee the country

Comment in social media:
Now he's sending his own people to the slaughter for his wet dreams - insane! History repeating itself!

Russians protest against the mobilization in 15 different cities, many are arrested only for saying "No to war". How brave are these people in this country where you risk your freedom for speaking your mind in a fascist regime. This is true bravery, not killing innocent civilians, Putin, you coward!

One-way flights out of Moscow sold out two hours after Putin's mobilization speech

Putin mobilizes 300.000 Russian civilians - send Putin and his Cold War old men gang to fight and die in his own fucking war! He is destroying this great country.

Der russische Journalist Andrej Loschak, der seit dem russischen Überfall auf die Ukraine in Georgien lebt, über das derzeit herrschende Terror-Regime, das Russland kaputtmacht.

Alla Pugacheva's Instagram post

Talks on Russian State TV, use of the word "war" and "unacceptable losses" raise fear of a general mobilisation in Russian social media
"The special operation to occupy Ukraine was not President Putin's idea, there are people around him who told him the special operation would be a success and would be over in three days" - Either general mobilisation or we're getting out of Ukraine" - "There cannot be negotiations because the Nazi regime must be destroyed" - "This is a global war"

Historian on Putin's only goal.
Сладостно и почетно умереть за свою страну

War in Ukraine - pictures and stories of the pain and suffering Putin and his supporters have been causing for the Ukrainian people - men, women, children, seniors, animals, country ...

UN reports that about 1,6 million Ukrainians including children were forcibly deported by Russia and detained in "filtration camps" - horror camps known from the Nazi camps and from Chechnya, where Russia established a system of state terror: According to the Russian human rights group Memorial, "by the most modest estimations", the overall number of those having passed through the established and ad hoc "filtration points" reaches at least 200,000 people (out of Chechnya's population of less than one million), of whom "practically all" were subjected to beatings and torture, and some were summarily executed. According to Memorial, the purpose of the "filtration" system in Chechnya, besides being part of the general state terror system for suppression and intimidation of the population, was enforced recruitment of a network of informers, and was characterised by its non-selectivity, that is by arbitrary arrests and mass detentions of innocent people. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Filtration_camp_system_in_Chechnya
Здохнуть хай всі, дай Бог

Zelensky on Russia trying to blackmail Europe by withholding gas: Russia wants to destroy the life of every European

When Putin said Russia had no intentions of attacking anyone, that would be "ridiculous", on October 27, 2016

Kremlin spokesman Peskov on June 17, 2022

Every confrontation will end with a detente with the "West"
Kremlin spokesman Peskov on September 4, 2022

(in Russian)
Вот уже прошло полтора месяца как я вернулся с войны на
Украине, да-да, я знаю что нельзя говорить это слово «война», его
запретили, но все таки я буду говорить именно «война», поймите
правильно, мне уже 33 года и всю жизнь говорю только правду,
пусть даже себе во вред, вот такой «не правильный» и поделать с
этим ничего не могу. Так вот это война, наша российская армия
стреляет в украинскую, а та стреляет в ответ, там взрываются
снаряды и ракеты, Вы когда нибудь слышали звук
приближающегося к Вам снаряда? Если нет то жаль, это
незабываемое ощущение от вибрации и свиста воздуха когда все
внутренности переворачиваются, просто дух захватывает, потом
если повезёт, слышишь взрыв и думаешь что это точно твой день,
конечно если понимаешь что тебе ничего не оторвало взрывной
волной и твое тело не приняло какой нибудь осколок, ну а если
нет, значит денек не задался и в этот раз тебе не повезло, короче
работенка та еще...
При этом гибнут военные с обоих сторон, а также и мирные
жители которым посчастливилось жить там где решили начать
войну, называя ее спецоперацией.
Ах, да, нужно ещё не забывать про сопутствующие войне голод,
болезни, бессонные ночи, антисанитарию и жизнь с постоянно
зашкаливающим адреналином который расходует ресурсы твоего
организма придавая силы, скорость и реакцию, но потом когда
вернёшься с зоны войны, то чувствуешь себя как выжитый лимон
и понимаешь что здоровье у тебя уже совсем не то.
Также есть потом и морально тягостное давление твоей совести
на сердце и душу, если они есть конечно, ведь ты не вольно
задаёшь себе вопрос за чем ты это делаешь и во благо чего. Для
чего ты рискуешь своей жизнью и оставляешь здоровье.Для чего
ты загаживаешь свою и так возможно не самую безоблачную
Russian soldier Pavel Filatyev's manifesto about two months of being sent to fight a war without knowing where and against whom, hunger, looting, diseases, war crimes and atrocities committed by Russian soldiers, the promise of millions of rubles if they got back home (which he did not receive although he almost lost his eyesight) Russian trolls on LT would call him a "snitch", hurrah! Z! The new Swastika!

Russian author Mariya Ganieva about why she had to emigrate and what she thinks is necessary to change the authoritarian regime in Russia

Fake websites of news media try to spread Russian propaganda = fake news.

Russian Foreign Ministry says the destruction of monuments from the time of the Soviet occupation in the Baltic states is inacceptable - it will have negative effects on the relations between Russia and the Baltic states. Of course, it is completely logical - it's not Russia's invasion of Ukraine and the cruel murders and atrocities committed day after day by the Russians in this attack war on a free and democratic state, nor Russia's nuclear threat to Ukraine and Western countries that has a negative effect on Russia's relations with the rest of the world - it's the destruction of some old monuments from the time of the Soviet occupation (which, really guys, you should have destroyed a long time ago, they are hideous). Now you really did it, you made Russia really angry. Just so you know: It is all your fault now. They bomb your houses, your schools, your hospitals - well, you destroyed their monuments! They kill your children and murder your elders in front of you - well, you destroyed their monuments! They nuke you and your whole country - they don't care, you destroyed their fucking monuments!!!
Russland kritisiert Zerstörung von Denkmälern aus der Sowjet-Zeit
In Estland, Lettland und Litauen sind Denkmäler aus der Sowjet-Zeit zerstört worden. Russland bezeichnete diesen Schritt nun als inakzeptabel, wie tagesschau.de unter Berufung auf die Nachrichtenagentur Reuters berichtet. Demnach heißt es seitens des russischen Außenministeriums, in den drei Ländern gebe es einen "russophoben" Ansatz und ethnische Russen würden als "Menschen zweiter Klasse" behandelt. Diese Entwicklung werde die bilateralen Beziehungen zu den drei EU- und NATO-Staaten beeinträchtigen.
Russia tries to convey the narrative that the "West" is "russophobe", but Putin and his fascist regime are the greatest Russophobes of all. Putin terrorizes his own people into submission, one part has given in to the decades of brainwashing and blindly follows their Führer, brutally beating down any resistance or any free thought (cf. Hitler Germany, Stalin Russia, Honecker GDR) and even spying on their own family, friends, and neighbours, one part has given up for fear of being persecuted and lives in constant fear, and the rest is in prison or has fled the country.

A little village in the South of Ukraine occupied by the Russians. Interviews how they treated the villagers, tortured old people, murdered men by shooting them in the back, called them Nazis and collaborators. Здохнуть хай всі, дай Бог

Russian politician claims Russia has to undertake the task of denazifying six more countries after Ukraine - "because the West does nothing, we have to do it"

Interview with German politician back from Ukraine about his experience there - "We underestimate Russia's brutality"

Ukraine is only the beginning.

Russian diplomat in Vienna openly demands genocide in Ukraine on Twitter: No mercy for the Ukrainian population. 80% of all Russians think like him? Is that true, dear Russians? As Дядя Stalin once said about genocide which his terror regime committed in Ukraine and in Russian gulags: "A single death is a tragedy, a million deaths is a statistic." Interview with Marija Aljochina of Pussy Riot: Putin's propaganda says the majority of Russians is behind him and his fascist ideology, but it's a lie. Every Russian who says anything against the murderous fascist regime is sent to prison. Or falls out of a window. Or from a yacht.

«Не обращайтесь с нашими детьми как с собаками!». Вскрытый архив военной прокуратуры России показал реальное положение дел на фронте
Angry letters by Russian soldiers and their families about how Putin treats his own people

Wut auf eigenes Militär - russische "Freiwillige" werden an die Front gezwungen, Bewohner des Donbass von russischen Soldaten ausgeraubt, ihre Häuser zerstört - "soll das die Befreiung sein?"

Bitter awakening for Putin's army of "volunteers" - they report about not getting paid and being forced to fight if they want to leave. Recruiting of "volunteers" in the poorest Russian regions, with false promises to be paid a few thousand dollars which they never receive.

Russia is planning a referendum on Donbas joining Russia - it is expected to be 100% like the referendum on Austria joining Nazi Germany in 1938 - either vote yes or go to the gulag, it's your free choice!

Rascist Putin-TV Solovyev Simonyan and the Nazi language
"When a doctor is deworming a cat—for the doctor, it's a special operation, for the worms, it's a war, and for the cat, it's a cleansing," he said, prompting Simonyan to respond, "exactly," to laughter.

Interviews (in Ukrainian/Russian) with Ukrainians/Russians who experienced the German invasion in Ukraine/Russia 1941 and the atrocities committed by German soldiers. Now they suffer the Russian invasion and the atrocities committed by Russian soldiers.

Vladimir Vladimirovich, there are so many nice things you can do when you retire, look here

With the current Russian regime, negotiations are useless. They have shown their true colours - liars, thieves, murderers, war criminals.

Sources say Russia cannot feed its people, therefore steals Ukraine's grain. Приятного аппетита!

4-year-old Liza was among 23 people killed, including 2 boys aged 7 and 8, in Russian missile strike in Vinnytsia.
Cowardly Russian child murderers
Здохнуть хай всі, дай Бог

Russians target theatre in Mariupol sheltering hundreds of civilians, bomb kills women and children
Здохнуть хай всі, дай Бог

Putin's Nazi shadow army Wagner Group

Interview with Ukrainian paramedic held captive by Russian occupants - "They said the world has to bow to Great Russia"

Author Serhij Zhadan - Russia's goal is to destroy Ukraine.

"Вам еще нужна эта война?"
In a closing statement on Thursday, Gorinov said he was innocent, pointing to his rights to free expression under the Russian constitution, while also repeating his criticism of the “vile” war in Ukraine.
“War, whatever synonym you call it, is the last, dirtiest, vile thing, unworthy of the title of a man,” Gorinov said. “I thought that Russia exhausted its limit on wars back in the 20th century. However, our present is Bucha, Irpin, and Hostomel. Do these names mean something to you? You, the accusers – take an interest and do not say later that you did not know anything,” he added, referring to the three cities outside Kyiv where Russian troops are accused of committing war crimes.

Kommentar: Die Putin-Apologeten sind schon ein irres Völkchen.
Ihr "großer Führer“ und „Master-Stratege“ könnte einkoten - auch das würden diese Leute noch als „genialen strategischen Schachzug“ ausgeben:
„Putin macht seine vollgekackte Hose nichts aus, der Westen aber kann den Gestank nicht ertragen...“

#мнестыдно Proud Russian Army looting Ukraine

#мнестыдно Russia seeking buyers for stolen Ukrainian grain, US warns Africa


Russian soldiers complain on telegram about forceful recruitments and being left without medical attention and food in the cold

PutinTV shows nuclear missiles annihilating Western countries, Zhuravlev says four would be enough to wipe out the entire US. What PutinTV never shows is the answer to a -Russian nuclear strike. Fembot Skabeyeva - We would start from scratch. - No, you would not. You would be bombed into oblivion. There are Western military whose trigger finger is on the button already. You should both be put on a secluded island where you can punch each other as much as you like and leave the rest of the world the fuck alone.

Мария Алёхина

"A totalitarian system is based on lies."

Российский дипломат в ООН выступил против войны в Украине и ушел в отставку. «Мне так стыдно за свою страну»

Russian UN diplomat Boris Bondarev's resignation letter in English and Russian



Historian: The system will not end with Putin

Warning, pictures of Ukrainian youngsters and children after Russian bombardments - the youngest victims of Vlad Putin's war - somebody should help him on his way to meet his friends Adolf and Yossif Vissarionovitch, they are waiting for him to exchange similar war stories

Russian with English subtitles
In an extremely rare moment of candour on Russian state TV today, defence columnist Mikhail Khodaryonok gave a damning assessment of Russia's war in Ukraine and his country's international isolation.

Interview with Masha Alyochina (Pussy Riot). If she could wish for three things, it would be a tribunal for Putin and his entourage, rebuilding of the bombed cities, and freedom, even if it is for one day only. One day of freedom for Russia.

Mariupol. Spazierfahrt durch die Stadt. Мариуполь. Проезд по город.
Cпасибо "освободителям". Здохнуть хай всі.

"No brothers anymore" Ukrainian journalist whose family fled at the beginning of Russian attack on Ukraine returns to Kiew, Russian soldiers plundered their houses and left mines all around
"Und willst Du nicht mein Bruder sein, dann schlag ich Dir den Schädel ein!" (Bernhard von Bülow)

To all the people who still think this or any war is justifiable in any way

Putin falls ill, goes into a coma and wakes up a year later. So he goes to Moscow, enters a bar, orders a drink, and asks the bartender:
-Is Crimea ours?
-Yes, it is.
-And the Donbas?
-Also ours.
-And Kyiv?
-We got that too.
Satisfied, Putin drinks, and asks:
-Thanks, how much do I owe you?
-35 Hryvnia.

Mosfilm director Karen Schachnasarow threatens Russians who are against the attack war on Ukraine with merciless persecution like in the times of stalin: "There will be no mercy for them. There will be concentration camps, re-education, sterilisation. (laughs)"
Увидел свет какова Россия




Great Russia, what has happened to you? I don't recognize you anymore. Your proud sons kill women and children, your brave soldiers rape little girls. What has happened to you that you have become like this? #мнестыдно

Für uns sind Würde und Respekt wichtig,
Gedanken- und Meinungsfreiheit.
Das System von Vasallen, Sklaven, Verteilern,
Moralischen Missgeburten und ihren Anführern -
Wir haben genug von diesem ganzen Theater!


Russian soldiers loot Ukrainian cities. Camera shows Russian military truck with washing machines they stole from people's homes.

"Die Aufgabe von Propaganda ist es nicht, dich von etwas zu überzeugen oder dir einen bestimmten Standpunkt aufzudrängen, sondern dir einen Grund zu geben, nichts zu tun. Sie erklärt dir, warum du nichts tun sollst. Als erklärt wurde, dass es Covid gibt und dass man etwas unternehmen muss, da war sie machtlos, weil der Mensch nichts tun will. Jetzt wird erklärt, warum das alles eine kurze Operation ist, dass sie erfolgreich enden wird, dass es eine unmittelbare Bedrohung für Russland gibt, und dass das alles überhaupt keine echten Ukrainer betrifft. Kurzum: Alles ist gut. Alles ist gut, alles ist bald vorbei, die politische Führung hat alles im Griff. Das genügt den Leuten, um ihr normales Leben ruhig weiterzuleben."
"Ich denke, das Problem im heutigen Russland ist nicht, dass die Russen massenhaft diese bestialische Aggression gegen die Ukraine gutheißen würden. ... Das Problem liegt darin, dass die Menschen versuchen so zu tun, als würde sie das alles nichts angehen, als könnten sie einfach ihr Privatleben weiterleben, an das sie sich gewöhnt haben und das sie sich mit großer Mühe aufgebaut haben."
"Russland zerstreitet sich auf diese Art für immer mit den zwei Völkern, die ihm kulturell am nächsten stehen – mit den Ukrainern und den Belarussen."

Vanda Semyonovna Obiedkova survived the Nazis at the age of ten, but she was killed by Russian bombs on Mariupol


"Bis zu 15 Jahre Haft droht der Staat all jenen an, die Fakten und Meinungen verbreiten, die von der offiziellen Darstellung abweichen. Durch solche «Fakes» will der Kreml seine Armee nicht «diskreditiert» wissen."



"Die meisten Russen wissen, dass die Staatspropaganda lügt"

Thomas Urban war 24 Jahre lang Osteuropa-Korrespondent der Süddeutschen Zeitung, von 1991 bis 2012 gehörte die Ukraine zu seinem Berichtsgebiet.
"Warum sind einige Narrative des Kremls, die mit der Annexion der Krim und dem Krieg im Industrierevier Donbass 2014 ihren Ausgang nahmen, bis heute überaus wirksam geblieben? Ein Musterbeispiel für erfolgreiches Framing ist die Saga von den "prorussischen Separatisten" im Osten der Ukraine, die ihre Heimatregion an Russland anschließen wollen. [...]
Im Fall der Ukraine ist indes offensichtlich, dass die überwältigende Mehrheit der russischsprachigen Einwohner sich nicht als Russen fühlt, sondern als Ukrainer. Sie wollen genauso wenig Russen sein wie Wiener und Züricher Deutsche. [...]
Die russischsprachige Bevölkerung der Ukraine prägt ein ukrainischer Patriotismus, dessen historische Bezugspunkte die Rebellionen der freien Kosaken gegen die Zaren und der Holodomor sind, die große Hungersnot unter Stalin mit Millionen Toten. Die Fernsehnachrichten von der Fluchtwelle dieser Tage bestätigen dies: Fast alle Frauen, die mit ihren Kindern nun in Polen und Deutschland Schutz suchen, sprechen Russisch. Und sie verfluchen Putin, der vorgibt, die russischsprachige Bevölkerung zu schützen."

Kommentar unter Bericht über das Ermorden von Zivilisten in Butscha:
Kann dieser Höllenzwerg nicht einfach implodieren?!

Mediale Gleichschaltung in Russland

Was der Westen nicht versteht und Osteuropa und die Ex-SU-Staaten schon lange wissen


It's just a war
Young lads are watching from the photo,
Their eyes still keep the sacred friendship, the same as earlier
Everyone could be happy,
Everyone could be loved,
But they've become young boys forever

Это просто война
Молодые ребята, с фотографии смотрят,
Их глаза дружбу свято, как и прежде хранят.
Каждый мог быть счастливым,
Каждый мог быть любимым,
Но остался мальчишкой молодым навсегда.

Red Army Choir: Хотят ли русские войны?


Original: RIA Novosti:

Французский, Русский, Испанский
Свяжитесь со мной

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Немецкий (Австрийский, баварский диалект) → Немецкий
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MarilenaWeihnachten am Palmenstrand Немецкий,
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Немецкий (Австрийский, баварский диалект)
 → Немецкий
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Немецкий (Австрийский, баварский диалект)
 → Немецкий
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Ursprung BuamEs ist vorbei Немецкий (Австрийский, баварский диалект) → Немецкий1
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Немецкий (Австрийский, баварский диалект) → Немецкий
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Sopor Æternus & the Ensemble of ShadowsGoodbye Английский → Немецкий
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Английский → Немецкий
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The Witcher OST (Series)Die fischige Tochter [The Fishmonger's Daughter] Немецкий → Английский
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Немецкий → Английский
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Hamtaro (OST)Kiss Schokolade Немецкий → Английский
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Немецкий → Английский
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Ruki Vverkh18 мне уже (18 mne uzhe) Русский → Немецкий4
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Русский → Немецкий
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Pulp Fiction (OST)Ezequiel 25:17 Английский → Немецкий
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Английский → Немецкий
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ChristopherColours Английский → Немецкий1
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Английский → Немецкий
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LindemannPraise Abort Английский → Немецкий10
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Английский → Немецкий
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Sportfreunde StillerFestungen und Burgen Немецкий → Английский2
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Немецкий → Английский
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