Under your thumb

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Under your thumb (Английский) — Barmağında oynatmaq

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Under your thumb — Someone who is manipulated or controlled by another person is under his or her thumb.

(source: http://www.usingenglish.com/reference/idioms/under+your+thumb.html#xor4H...)

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Under your thumb — "Tossun alla"

Literally 'under the slipper',
suoraan käännettynä 'peukalon alla'.

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Under your thumb — Όταν κάποιος βρίσκεται κάτω από την επιρροή κάποιου άλλου

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Under your thumb — تحت سلطه ي كسي بودن

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Under your thumb — Быть во власти/контролировать кого-либо.

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Under your thumb — Parmağında oynatmak

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Under your thumb — Kisi Ki Muqammal Saakat Mein, Kisi Ke Muqammal Ikhtiyaar Mein

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Переводы "Under your thumb"

Немецкийunter Kontrolle
Русскийбыть (у кого-л.) под каблуком
Турецкийelinin altinda

"Under your thumb" в текстах

As hard as you try, no I will never be knocked down

I can't keep up with your turning tables
Under your thumb, I can't breathe

So, I won't let you close enough to hurt me, no

Adele - Turning Tables

Why should I go where everyone goes?
Why should I do what everyone does?
I don't like it when you get too close,
I don't wanna be under your thumb.

I'm feeling pushed again... pushed again.

Die Toten Hosen - Pushed again

To leave no nation free
It is indeed a sad condition that you suffer from
This itching desire for a prime position
To have all under your thumb

Sami Yusuf - Without You

I get religion quick
'Cos you're looking divine
Honey you're touching something you're touching me
I'm under your thumb under your spell can't you see
If I could only reach you
If I could make you smile

Queen - Breakthru

To leave no nation free
It is indeed a sad condition that you suffer from
This itching desire for a prime position
To have all under your thumb

Not in my name will you fight

Sami Yusuf - Not in my name

I'm through with you, la dee da

I don't wanna be your "just for fun",
Don't wanna be under your thumb
All I wanna be is done
All I wanna be is done

The Band Perry - DONE.

Your time is over
I'm taking what's mine
You thought that you could keep me
Under your thumb and mind

Take my hand, I'm sinking, I'm reaching out for you

Epica - Death of a Dream

Just set it all free

I was a girl caught under your thumb
But my scars gonna shine brighter than your sun
And I will break your heart, shoot so far

Scarlett Johansson - Set It All Free

I’ve been looking for him inside of you
You’ve been speaking pretty words
You thought you had me under your thumb
Now things are crystal clear
Cause I understood that

O.N.A. - See you

I see you working like a fool, sugar, yeah that’s what I think
Say what, say what?
I wanna say, so don’t you come to me like that
Like I’m a dog under your thumb, hell no, I ain’t your pussycat
Ain’t your pussycat, ain’t your pussycat, ain’t your pussycat

Girlicious - Game Over

Holding my breath til I turn blue
I've sunk to the bottom of you
I'm under your thumb you know
Wasting tears on undertows
Going around like a boat with one oar

The Ghost of a Saber Tooth Tiger - Song for James

You build me up, you break me down
Then if you know them
'cause you go to the church
and I'm stuck right under your thumb
Ohhhh what have I done
Ohhhh what have I done

Benjamin Lasnier - Reckless Love

Just staring at the ceiling
Wondering if the things would get worse

I was trapped under your thumb
Believing when you called it love
But i will forgive myself and start to let it go

Beth Crowley - I Am Not Nothing

You haven’t exactly given me reasons regarding
The way that you snap me in half, the way you stab me in the back
The way that you front to my face and keep putting me in place
But I ain't under your thumb, I ain't stuck in your shadow
I’m on top of the world up here fighting my battles
And I shoot to kill

Icon for Hire - You Were Wrong

Hanging out some
Underneath European sun
Hanging out under your thumb
Under it, second to none

The Vaccines - Under your thumb

Ooh, ooh
The dawn will break before you
Ooh, ooh
Under your thumb, I'm on my knees
(You've got me on my knees)
You play a game of pressure

The Unlikely Candidates - Your Love Could Start A War

You must keep hope,
and if the cutie quit on you one evening,
you shall think
she'll be under your thumb tomorrow.
Let's go forth, strong and undaunted, with a happy heart,
Life is an endless spring when you're twenty.

Henry Garat - As long as you're twenty