Into the Unknown (in 29 languages) (перевод на Английский)

Into the Unknown (in 29 languages)

I can hear you, but I won’t
Some look for trouble, while others don’t
Más de mil razones hay para seguir igual
忽视你的低语 对我无形的支配
Du är ingen röst, bara en obetydlig ton
Jag är upptagen, hur som helst
Csak kitalált hangzás
Oly sok embert védelmeznek várunk falai
Så mystiske sirene, nej, dit kald bli'r ikke hørt
Mus leat fearánat ja in dárbbaš lasit šat
Glaubst du, ich will das riskieren, und ich folge dir
Inn á nýja braut
Към незнаен свят
Mis tahad sa, kui minult une röövid nii?
Er du her for å skremme, til jeg føler meg forlatt?
Ил' ти си биће које јесте помало ко ја?
Qui mieux que moi pourrait savoir d’où je viens ?
Каждый день трудней даётся, сила чар моих растёт
Se nel mondo immenso dell’ignoto andrò
Στο άγνωστο να ρθω
Chcę uwierzyć snom
숨겨진 세상
Dus waar ben je?
Nghe ta không nào
Ta đang tới này
Näytä tie, mukaan vie
Minha intuição
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The title named 29 languages, although three of them (Latin American Spanish, Kazakh and Hindi) were only used for the vocalising towards the end.

Languages included (in order): English, Castilian Spanish, Mandarin (China), Swedish, Hungarian, Danish, Sámi, German, Icelandic, Bulgarian, Mandarin (Taiwan), Estonian, Norwegian, Serbian, French, Russian, Italian, Greek, Polish, Korean, Flemish, Vietnamese, Thai, (Latin American Spanish, Kazakh, Hindi), Japanese, Finnish, Brazilian Portuguese

перевод на АнглийскийАнглийский
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Into the Unknown (in 29 languages)

I can hear you, but I won’t
Some look for trouble, while others don’t
There’re more than a thousand reasons to keep going about
I’m ignoring your murmurs, which have an invisible force over me
You’re not a voice, only an insignificant tone
I’m busy, anyway
Just a made-up sound
So many people are protected by the walls of our castle
So, mysterious siren, no, your call will remain unheard
I’ve had adventures and I don’t need more
Do you think I want to risk all this and that I’ll follow you
On a new path
Towards an unknown world
Exploring the unknown?
What do you want, when you're stealing away my sleep?
Are you here to scare me, till I feel abandoned?
Or are you a creature that’s a little bit like me?
Who could know better than I where do I come from?
Every day is a little harder, the power of my magic grows
If into the vast world of the unknown I go
To come into the unknown
I want to believe in dreams
A hidden world
So where are you?
Can't you please hear my voice?
I'm here,
Lead me there
Where are you going? I’ll follow you
Show me the way, take me with you
My intuition
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