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    Barbaras Rhabarberbar

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Barbara's rhubarb bar

Once upon a time in a small town, there
There lived a girl called barbara
And this Barbara was all over the country
Known for their incredibly good rhubarb cake
Yes, you could say that Barbara's
Rhubarb cake without any ifs and buts
It was an almost magical experience
Well, this cake was just too bombastic
And the demand for it is increasing dramatically
Barbara opened that same year
A bar and called it "Barbara's Rhubarb Bar”
There were also a few barbarians in the city
They had found out about Barbara's rhubarb bar
And since they were gone every day with Barbara
They were soon called the “rhubarb barbarians
In the following years the barbarians left
Little by little they stop their barbaric behavior
They were, Barbara claimed
Almost more likeable than Barpapapa
But the barbarians were very hairy
And they all had a shaggy barbarian beard (not fancy at all)
Then Barbara sent hers
Barbarian friends to the barbarian beard barber
In his barbarian beard barber shop
True, he was a terrible talker
But the beard was absolutely perfect afterwards
The barbarians then invited their beard barber
After the work is done, head to the rhubarb bar
Then they drank a beer together at the bar
The Rhubarb Barbarians and the Bearded Barber
And ate without any barbarism
A piece of rhubarb cake, I think it was two
Yes, even very tough men became approachable
And all thanks to Barbara's rhubarb
Three Barbarians and the Bearded Barber
Sitting at the bar one evening with a beer
Then the police came: "Yes, where were you?"
Three Barbarians and the Bearded Barber
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Barbaras Rhabarberbar

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