Va hent (перевод на Английский)


Va hent

Kemer a rin an hentoù glas a vouskan din an aezhenn
Ha fulennoù arc’hant ar glizh war raden an dosenn
Kemer a rin an hentoù kamm a yud din ar sparfell
Ha sklêrijenn rouz al loargann pa vez diroll an avel
Kemer a rin an hentoù kuzh ‘zañs din ar c’houer lirzhin
Ha war beg an toennoù ruz mogedoù gwenn ar frim
Kemer a rin an hentoù aour ‘gan din eon ar stered
Hag en neñvoù splann miz Here Bagadoù al laboused
Kemer a rin an hentoù koll a gont din ar vogidell
Ha tasmantoù roz ar c’houmoul e melezour ar stivell
Kemer a rin an hentoù don a lavar din va c’halon
Rak kavout a ran hoc’h hini re eeun evidon.
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My road

I would take the blue paths whispered to me by the breeze
And the silver sparks of dew on the mound fern
I'll take the tortuous paths shouted at me by the hawk
And the red glow of the full moon when the wind is unleashed
I'll take the secret paths that merry peasant streams
And on the top of the red roofs the white smoke of the frost
I will take the golden paths sung by the foam of the stars
And in the radiant skies of October the flocks of birds
I will take the forgotten paths told to me by the drizzle
And the ghost roses of the clouds in the mirror of the fountains
I'll take the deep paths my heart tells me
Because I find yours far too straight for me.
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