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Dou hast zu de Berje gesaat, wo se seich hinsatze sulle.
Dou host domols de Sunn ohgefängt, un hast de Mond un de Stern so gesatzt, dass eich immer hämmfinne don.
Dou hast em Eise gesaat, wo et woose sull, un aach, dat et bei mir im Bloot is.
Dou brichst mer de Wille, un setzt en zerichte.
Doust en hämmern, wie n [Bieses?-] Schwert
Nimm meich ousenanner, un setz mei Schwert zesamme, ganz nah, un so, dat ma eich nit verhexe konn.
Wies mer de Wech, dorch de bläuliche (?) Sunn, un zeich mer alles.
Dou nimmst et Licht net nur zum helle mache.
Eich ho kä Angst im Dunkele, [ho de deif Wonne], weil det Licht et Läwe nämmt, ? ? Vullmond hat ?.
Dou saast nit, wat eich zu sehe honn, or immer, wo eich hiegucke sull.
Dou giest mer nit immer, wat eich mer wünsche don, or immer, was eich brouche.
Zwische mei Feinde hast dou mei beste Lehrer verstachelt.
Dou hast de Mout mit arich Angst iegepackt, un de Roh host du mitte in schwierig Schmerze ringedon.
In der Schöpfung doust dou dein Gesichte un dei Gestalt verberje, die seich immer verännern don.
Dou hinnergehst meich een Mo, so dat eich näher bei dir sei ko, un satzt meich bei de Ahne bei, die vor mir gestorwe sei.
Dou hinnerlässt mer de Kopp blourisch, or meich uffrecht stieh. Un jetz geer eich mei Läwe in dei arisch starke Hänn, dass dou druff uffpasse doust.
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This song is in the Siegerländisch dialect of German. I'll eventually try to translate it, but this is pulled from a random website on the web, and having it here will allow more people to fill in what was unable to be transcribed. The additions in brackets are my extremely feeble attempts at roughly transcribing at what I believe was said.

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You have told the mountains where to sit down.
You have initiated the sun back then, and have arranged the moon and the stars so that I will always find home.
You have told the iron where to prosper as well as to be in by blood.
You break my will and set it right;
and hammer it like a ferocious sword.
Take me apart and assemble my sword, entirely new, and in a way that I cannot be bewitched.
Lead my way, through the [??? I don't think this is about the colour blue] sun, and show me everything.
You do not only use the light to illuminate.
I have no fear in the dark, or deep down, where light takes its life, [??? something with fullmoon]
You do not tell me what to see, nor always where to look.
You don't always give me what I wish for or what I need.
Between my foes you have enrooted my best enemies.
You have wrapped courage with thorough fear, and you have put serenity amidst tedious pain.
Within creation you hide your face and your guise which always change their shape.
You delude me at one point so that I can be closer to you, and you lay me to rest with my ancestors ho have died before me.
You leave my head bloodied with me standing upright. And now I give my life into your most vigorous hands so you will take care of it.
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I did my best having lived among Mosel Franconian speakers for quite a while, so Sejerlännerisch is at least a bit familiar.
Line 7 has a correction (it's "o'r däif unne" as well as "dat ma meich nit verhexe konn"), and I continued to leave question marks where I cannot add to the German original text here.

It's a one-shot translation, feel free to improve.

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CadhrienCadhrien    вт, 21/01/2020 - 23:45

Thank you for adding this translation!
As far as I am able to deduce from my native German, this is oretty accurate.
"Bläulich" in "Wies mer de Wech, dorch de bläuliche (?) Sunn" should indeed be about the color blue (as you already assumed) and means "blue-ish" like in: the sun is emitting a cold light, probably.

RandirRandir    вс, 02/02/2020 - 14:55

Thanks to everyone involved in trying to figure this out!
I am not familiar with this particular dialect, but am a German native speaker and usually have a quite good understanding for unfamiliar dialects. So the following comments as well as the high german translation that I added are nothing more than educated guesses and I would be glad about comments or correction Wink smile

Line 6 (Nimm meich ousenanner, un setz mei Schwert zesamme): from what I hear and from the general content of the song, I'd say it's "Nimm meich ousenanner un setz meisch we'er zesamme." as in "Nimm mich auseinander und setze mich wieder zusammen" rsp. "Take me apart and put me reassemble me."

Line 7 (dorch de bläuliche (?) Sunn): I agree with Cadhrien that it should indeed be "bläuliche" rsp. "blue-ish", as the sun on a clear winters day might appear.

Line 8 (Eich ho kä Angst im Dunkele, [ho de deif Wonne], weil det Licht et Läwe nämmt, ? ? Vullmond hat ?): That's a tough one. I think I hear "Eich ha o kä Angst im Dunkle, wo de Deiff wohne, weil det Licht et Läwe nimmt, der et als Vullmond hat gee" which I guess could mean "Ich habe auch keine Angst im Dunklen, wo die Teufel wohnen, weil das Licht das Leben nimmt, dass es als Vollmond gegeben hat." rsp. " I also have no fear in the dark where the devils live, because the light takes the life that it has given as full moon."

Line 13 (Between my foes you have enrooted my best enemies.): I think it should be "teachers" instead of "enemies" as the last word Wink smile and as for "enrooted": I'd have guessed "hidden" (versteckt) as translation of "verstachelt", but that's indeed just a guess. Can anyone elaborate on this?

R JR J    пт, 05/06/2020 - 00:51

I only speak English, but if I was going to make a sentence from what has been added above, it would be:
Amongst my foes you have hidden my best lessons/teachers

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