Disney Fandubs - Vita Sole Clarior (Reprise) [For the First Time in Forever (Reprise)] (перевод на Английский)


Vita Sole Clarior (Reprise) [For the First Time in Forever (Reprise)]

Anna: Non me debes arcere, non te timeo!
Noli iam me exclaudere! Siste, te precor!
Absentiae nulla manet ratio!
Namque nuper intellexi quare semper fugeres,
Et nuper intellexi quo modo te iuvem!
Regrediemur in lucem! Mittendus est timor!
Namque tandem te sororem comitor ego
Elissa: Redi domum salva ut possis gaudere sole et urbem pandere!
(Anna: Re vera -) Elissa: Scio te bene velle,
Sed me linquas, scilicet desertam sed metu liberam!
Discedens enim vitam conservas
Anna: Licet miseram! / Elissa: Quare miseram?
Anna: Ignaram te reor! / Elissa: Ignaram cuius rei?
Anna: Arendellem obtegit totam nix.
Elissa: Quid? / Anna: Erupisti hiemem perennem usque ad urbem.
Elissa: Usque ad urbem?! / Anna: Nihil refert! Dissolvere potes!
Elissa: Minime! Nescio quo modo! / Anna: Certe potes! Scio te posse!
Anna: Namque tandem nostro corde viam aperit veritas
Elissa: Me eludit semper libertas! Indomita saevit tempestas!
Anna: Te salvam saevo e turbine amore eripiam
Elissa: Devota moriar! Irritas ventis preces das!
Anna: Tranquillo vincemus animo
Elissa: Est nulla spes! te quoque perdes!
Anna: Et glacie dissoluta, vita nobis diu promissa fulgebit sole clarior!
Elissa: Me ANGIT!
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Life Brighter Than The Sun (Reprise)

Anna: You don't have to keep me away, I'm not afraid of you!
Don't shut me out anymore! Stop, I beg you!
There is no more reason for keeping your distance!
For indeed, recently I understood why you were always fleeing,
And recently I understood in what way I might help you!
We'll go back into the light! [You] should cast away [your] fear!
For indeed, finally, I'm at the side of you, [my] sister
Elsa: Go back home, so that you might rejoice in the sun and open up the city, safe and sound!
(Anna: In the truth of the matter -) Elsa: I know that you mean well,
But please leave me – yes, [you'd be leaving me] alone (lit. deserted) but free from fear!
For [by] leaving, you preserve [your] life
Anna: Miserable as it is! / Elsa: In what way [is it] miserable?
Anna: I suspect [that] you [are] unaware! / Elsa: Unaware of what matter?
Anna: Snow covers all of Arendelle.
Elsa: What? / Anna: You have made [an] eternal winter break out right up to the city.
Elsa: Up to the city?! / Anna: It doesn't matter at all! You can melt [it]!
Elsa: No! I don't know how! / Anna: Of course you can! I know that you can!)
Anna: For indeed, at last, the truth opens a way in our heart[s]
Elsa: Freedom still mocks me! The storm rages unconquered!
Anna: Through [my] love, I'll pull you out of [this] savage whirlwind, safe and sound
Elsa: I'll die accursed! You're sending useless prayers to the winds! (i.e. your prayers are in vain)
Anna: We'll conquer with a calm mind!
Elsa: There's no hope! You'll destroy yourself as well [as me]!
Anna: And, with the ice dissolved, the life [that has] long [been] promised to us will shine brighter than the sun!
Elsa: It's hurting me!
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