Wünsch dir was (перевод на Английский)

перевод на Английский

Wish You Something

I'll tell Baby, we did it again Brudi
Baby, wish you something
[Part 1]
This song would be here for you
Everything had been done for a long time
Couple of hours to you, no one who is in my way
I would not need a plan, I would have you
And a first class ticket into a life with you forever
And there would be nothing
I'll pick you up and we'll ride in pairs
No matter where, only you and me are counting
Get in and take it with you
Dear baby, without you everything I touch would not matter
And when there is deepest darkness around me, you would be enlightenment
If this song were here for you, would you know who I mean '
Baby, wish you something
Yes, I stand before you, and do not go away
Are you coming out and sitting next to me
Baby, wish you something
I drove through the night to see you in the morning
And here I am, so make a wish
[Part 2]
Yeah, forget your ex, I'll make your life complete
I know, I have only one ticket, he has ten Corvette
But I do not care if you make lousy or good money
For I swear, with me you can be anything, even you
And you do not need a man looking for money in the bank
I kiss better, love harder, make a hundred, a hundred times better pancakes
Seriously, I'm just a man with a heart
I do not have much to offer, but I have the Manith Bertz
And he only plays for you!
Give it, Manith!
Because right now I'm somewhere
Think about life
And that I myself do not know what I have to give
But I'm on the moped to you, hope that I can do it on time
Dear life, change of mind, come baby
Make a wish!
Oh, and if I'm allowed to see your face every morning
I'm happy
And sometimes I think, life makes me crazy
What's crazy
Baby I would not say it that way if I do not really mean it '
Baby wish you something
make a wish
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Here you go! Hope this helped! I'm fluent in German so feel free to fling any German


Wünsch dir was

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