The walls have ears

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Идиоматический перевод "The walls have ears"

И стените имат уши
Και οι τοίχοι έχουν αυτιά
Hay ropa tendida
Los muros tienen oídos
i muri hanno orecchie
anche i muri hanno orecchi
anche i muri hanno orecchie
Die Wände haben Ohren
selbst die Mauern haben Ohren
دیوار موش دارد، موش هم گوش دارد
Cada matichedda juchet oricredda
zidovi imaju uši
Yerin kulağı var
Les murs ont des oreilles
Китайский, Французский #1, #2
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Meanings of "The walls have ears"


It means everywhere there is someone listening and that they are actively doing so.

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be careful what you say as people may be eavesdropping

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"The walls have ears" в текстах

Black M - By Dint Of Being

I speak knowingly, don't ask how I am
By dint of being in the haram, I'll go crazy, oh my god
I thought the sound was protecting me but the walls have ears with ficking headphones

Fettes Brot - Echo

As soon as I was born
I started screaming out
Do the walls have ears here
Or are they walls of silence?

Keny Arkana - The Walls of My City

The walls of the City often the support so as to not collapse
Mute teachers, hard but right, and scream your stories from the rooftops
The walls have ears and hit us on the knuckles
Despite the joy expressed by their rainbow colors

Luan Santana - Waking Up the Building

Can you scream quietly?

I know it's good, but the walls have ears
And it was supposed to be a secret, since it no longer is

Dashboard Confessional - I Know About You

When the follies of your weekend hang like smoke onto your clothes.
And the shame of it grows when you whisper it nice and low (whisper it nice and low)
But all the walls have ears my darling, and all bad things get known.
And I know about you. I know about you (I know about you).

Holden - What I am

Oh how I'm sorry
I'm not what I am
The walls have ears
The walls talk too much

Silja - Socrathrashing

And you've hung yourself with your own rope

Watch what you say, 'cause the walls have ears
You think you're whispering, but I've opened doors

Anastasia (Musical) [OST] - A Rumor In St. Petersburg

"A brighter day is dawning!
It's almost at hand!"
The skies are gray, the walls have ears
And he who argues, disappears

Rudolf - Affaire Mayerling - Master of the Strings [Die Fäden in der Hand]

Or they are only bleeding hearts.
Shouldn’t we be careful
It’s as if the walls have ears
Makes no difference – you see,