Windstärke 12 (перевод на Английский)

  • Исполнитель: Natalie Holzner
  • Песня: Windstärke 12 2 перевода
  • Переводы: Английский, Итальянский
  • Запросы: Китайский
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Wind force 12

When I met you, I knew right away
That this was my true love in life.
I can't describe it, my heart, it had reached its aim
As if love fell down from the sky for me.
Like wind force 12, that's how you came into my life
Like wind force 12, that's what you felt like for me
Like wind force 12, I surrendered myself
Because I can't withstand wind force 12.
My life was suddenly as wilk as a hurricane
It lifted me out of my old paths like as if I had arrows
I had no choice anymore, you totally defeated me
Now I know the feelings when you love passionately.
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Windstärke 12

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