yeşilimi ver (перевод на Английский)

перевод на Английский

Give me the green one

1 isn't enough 2 nd would be
2 isn't enough 3 th would be
All of them comes knowingly to this party
This ambience is Diyar's party it goes into raptures
Upskirt is wet and happy
Give my green one I would high
7,5 inch it burns on you
Listen my song shake your hips don't waste my time smash me
The night doesn't over even if it would over I won't over, did you got it?
Shoot me I am a guilty
I can't be captured with shacklesses and handcuffes
Shoot me I am a guilty
I cant'be captured with shacklesses and handcuffes
Ey yo ey yo inform the market
Ey yo ey yo rise your hands and follow me
Ey yo ey yo give back the energy
Ey yo ey yo stretch the paper to I 'm rolling the cigarette
3 isn't enough 4 th would be
4 isn't enough 5 th comes
Who knows maybe it won't be enough to me I would try again
Everbody starts the action sees the quality o o ouu
Give my green one and the time stops now
No loyalty it would be funny
My aim is enjoying tonight
If you have a chance it's your turn
Everybody comes one by one
My desire won't run not oo it can't ooo no
Party is over I got foggy
Gonna to home as tired again
I said OK, stop it, that's enough eey
We came to the end of tonight too
The song is over time is up again
That's it for me I gonna to my way
I said stay you good bye
We came to the point babe good bye
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yeşilimi ver

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