予襲復讐 (Yoshu fukushū) (перевод на Английский)


中2…中2化 亮の脳 もう 週2でコロコロコミックモード
嫁もヘルプミー 誰も救えはしないわ…
その重さもわからず たやすく軽く見下し、
さあ行くぞ! 鬱憤GO!
ロック憑かれて奮い立った10代のフラストレーション 今もフラッシュバックして業煮やす
スクールキルズ白書 インドア愚連 天パ・ストレスをレスポール弾きぶつける
貧乏に希望見つける猛威 先輩に喧嘩売る勢いで申す
そろそろ憎悪ゾワゾワ疼く 傷癒えぬ我ら弱者の逆襲!
さあ皆々様 わざわざ土下座で 我らに懺悔しろ なう!(なうw)
歯 ガタガタ言わして ちんぐり返しで 尿道にはどんぐりとコンペイトウぶっこむぞ!の刑
黙れ!喋れ!ちびれ!ざまーねえ 外道&内道
語れ!綴れ!リツイートして、いいね!押してろ!! 死ぬまで
GO! FIGHT!! GO! FIGHT!! GO! FIGHT!! さあ学べ!学べ!
GO! FIGHT!! GO! FIGHT!! GO! FIGHT!! さあ学べ!学べ!
嗚呼。我々は 今 あなた方を黙らせに来た訳なのだから‥
ただ白帯のまま 黒帯のお前を倒して 帰るだけなのです
嗚呼。我々は過ぎた すべての恨みを晴らして 生きるのも辛いから‥
まだ血を帯びたまま この胸の殺された想いを…
さあ ここからは 嗚呼!
中2 中2以下 亮の脳
中2 中2以下 亮の脳
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Revenge Prep

7th grade, now 7th grader Ryou's mind, already by week 2 is in CoroCoro Comic Mode
"Hetappi Manga Institute" is the bible
Wife [help me], nobody can save me
Jeez, even big sis...
For example, if the weight the scale's needled pointed to was 100 grams
Going fully around would make 1100 grams the same place. The same place. The same place.
Cuz people that judge based on appearances,
Without understanding that weight, simply and indiscriminately look down upon others
As if they could imagine however many times it it ended up going around
I firmly believe there are two sides to every coin
Labels like "regular" and "ordinary" for "abnormally normal people"
THIS is the result of being tormented by
Such "decent" people's "affairs of sanity"
Even now still [Anger]!
Look! [Motherfucker]!
The fangs are still sprouting!
Shit, let's go! Frustration [GO]!
Teen frustrations which have been possessed and encouraged by rock, even now I'm sick of looking back
School kills, white paper, indoor permed delinquents, slamming the strings of a Les Paul
Said to be selling influence to fight with seniors menaced by finding hope in poverty
It's about time the hatred of us weak people, trembling and aching with pain which doesn't heal, counterattack!
Now how 'bout every one go out of their way to kneel before us out of repentance
With yo teeth rattling, the sentence is assuming the position and having acorns and konpeitou shoved down your pee hole!
Silence! Talk! Piss yourself! Pathetic hah, Heaven and Hell
Recite! Spell! Retweet, pretty good! Let's push harder! Until you die!
Riot! Riot! Riot! Now laugh! Laugh!
[GO! FIGHT!! GO! FIGHT!! GO! FIGHT!!] Now learn! Learn!
Riot! Riot! Riot! Now laugh! Laugh!
[GO! FIGHT!! GO! FIGHT!! GO! FIGHT!!] Now learn! Learn!
Yea. Now the reason we've come is to shut y'all up, however
With only a white belt we just gotta throw down on your black belt and go home.
Look at whatchu done! AHHHH~
Yea. 'Cuz it's hard just livin' and getting over all the resentment that's come our way
Still tinged in blood, this heart's murdered desire...
Wants to just get back to living
Ok? Like this, even some dumb 14 year old would go and die, right?
I honestly don't give a shit if I'm not even reaching anyone anymore
Money too can easily be worth nothing but shit
Then from here on... AH!
Like, fucking, just acknowledge...
Those painful times.
7th grade, and younger Ryou's mind
7th grade, and younger Ryou's mind
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Ou... incredible song, but few notes incoming... >.>

1. The song's title "予襲" is a creative spelling of "予習", which is "preparation". Some sources site this album translation as "Preparation for Revenge" but that's a bit winded and it's supposed to give off a school days feel. So, Chem Prep, Algebra Prep, College Prep, "Revenge Prep" was a bit more on the nose, imo. Also, that "襲" they use in the spelling, gives the idea of "attack, strike".
2. 中2 is second year middle school. In the west, this is 7th grade.
3. "CoroCoro Comic" was a long running monthly manga magazine geared towards a younger audience (like Shounen Jump).
4. "Hetappi Manga Institute" was a manga which ran from 1982 to 1984.
5. 亮 "Ryou" and 姉 "big sis" are two members of the band. The guitarist is Ryou "Maximum the Ryou-kun" Kawakita, and the drummer, his older sister Nao Kawakita.
6. "裏の裏は表だ" literally "the back of the back is the front" is better understood using the English coin idiom. It means people that show off a front likely have a dubious hidden backside, and vice verse, people that might seem backwards might actually be positive on the inside.
7. "ちんぐり返しで" is a bit of a sexual position, lol. I left it vague in lyric, but it's a "piledriver", head down, butt up, you're welcome.
8. Konpeitou are spiky hard candies. If you ever look up what they are, the lyric is even funnier, not that it needs help.
9. "外道&内道" are the Outer and Inner Roads of Buddhism. The prior is seen more as heretics, demonic, whereas the latter is the legit stuff. I gave western equivalent.

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