По сырой земле (Po syroy zemle) (превод на енглески)

превод на енглескиенглески

All over this damp land

Oh, you river, wide river
Oh yes, dear one, quivering and deep
Tell me about your journey
Oh yes! about the sorrow of Mother Earth
Oh yes, brothers, brothers of the forest
Grandfathers-trees, the ancient ones
How much time has already passed
Descended on the earth over the centuries
Doomed, I raise my hands
To my clan's abode, and I ask again:
Oh, yes! Mother-dawn
Oh, do not disturb with a nightingale's song
Rise before the brightly shining sun
Before the great forefather, turn to the sleeping!
Eternity sleeps in а haze
as if waiting for a war to begin
And faith sleeps hopelessly
Brothers on earth,
their hearts held captive
Doomed, they groan in pain
All over this damp land
Saying that in your tears
We'll keep our knowledge
Let the rain wash the grief in blind eyes,
we have returned for a victory!
Raise your free eyes
Touch the throne of a forest spirit
Spaces that fell into oblivion
Luring my soul to follow
The intoxicating sense of freedom
Pesters my heart with fire
And once again, I know this ruined world
Which has been forgotten
And again, the dawn is breaking
Penetrating the dark
Echoing that it is alive
The faith that was betrayed to old testaments
With past glory vanishing into the darkness
Of the centuries, of the ancient days
Where are we going, not knowing our kin?
Where are we rushing, looking away from the old truth?
What are we waiting for? A sweet reward from this alien world?
Sinking our teeth into reality, we run away from our clan's tree
But our brothers say in a loud voice: "We are alive, fathers!"
And in the night's voice, you speak the commandments
Of the eternal nature, which is holy to us
And of tempting glory
Obscure the grey eyes
We are sons of the world, we are sisters of the night!
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По сырой земле (Po syroy zemle)

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SinéadSinéad    Среда, 25/12/2019 - 08:16

thank you so much for this beautiful translation (of such a difficult text)!

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