Хамар-Дабан (Khamar-Daban) (превод на енглески)



Забудь про все, забудь про все,
Ты не поэт, не новосел,
Ты просто парень из тайги -
Один винчестер, две ноги.
Тайга вокруг, тайга - закон,
Открыта банка тесаком,
А под ногами сквозь туман
Хрустит хребет Хамар-Дабан.
И жизнь легка, под рюкзаком
Шагай, не думай ни о ком,
И нету славы впереди,
А впереди одни дожди.
За перевалом умер день,
За перевалом нет людей,
И вроде нет на свете стран,
Где нет хребта Хамар-Дабан.
В мешочек сердца положи
Не что-нибудь, а эту жизнь,
Ведь будут тысячи столиц
Перед тобою падать ниц.
И будут тысячи побед,
А снится все-таки тебе
Одно и то же: сквозь туман
Хрустит хребет Хамар-Дабан.
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превод на енглескиенглески (equirhythmic, poetic, rhyming)
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Forget all this, forget this place,
You're not a poet, nor displaced,
You just a guy from taiga lands -
With one Winchester and two legs.
The taiga's life - by taiga's laws:
Cut open rations with a saw,
And in the fog your feet will stamp
This rocky ridge - Khamár-Dabán1.
This life is smooth when you backpack,
Just walk and keep your mind relaxed,
There is no glory up ahead,
And only rains are left instead.
Above the col a day have died,
Above the col no soul can hide,
And no such lands exist where man
Can't find this ridge - Khamár-Dabán.
In your heart pocket you should place
Not anything, but life embraced,
And when you travel overseas,
All cities, lands would drop to knees.
And you would have to win at all,
A single dream you will recall:
As in the fog your feet will stamp
This rocky ridge - Khamár-Dabán.
This is a poetic translation - deviations from the meaning of the original are present (extra words, extra or omitted information, substituted concepts).
© Schnurrbrat
Critique is always welcomed (proof-read or not, negative too).
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Vizbor is 85!
This soft-sounding song forced many a tourist to travel across numerous times zones of Russia to visit this remote mountain ridge. If you ask practically anyone who've been there on a backpacking trip, they will tell what brought them here: this catchy refrain line from this Vizbor's song. Everyone wanted to experience what Vizbor described by means of simple words and melody. The irony is that author, who've been all over the Soviet Union, had never visited this place, and wrote this song based on the stories told by his friend. Nevertheless, his description is 100% accurate. Regular smile

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