Renato Zero - Ancora qui (превод на енглески)

превод на енглески

Still here

Coming back is never easy
It's not a small thing
But the day finally comes when you make peace with yourself
Understanding the wind, the reason, the moment
Getting rid of every doubt, following a song
Even if for the others it will seem crazy
With my eyes shut I would recognize my first time
Between those laughters and that honesty, the world was mine
How I miss that hot soup
Coming first whatever it takes, tires you
I want to breathe poetry
My own!
Still here
To say yes to my feelings
With the honesty of someone who never cheated on you
Hug me now because it's our time
I haven't forgotten you, I never have
A Sunday somewhere else, so remote
Was a call that maybe for us will never come back
My thoughts that were flying from my window
My room that was turning into a planet
If courage is not a prize, then what is it
Still here
To say yes
To light up the senses again
So that you won't see me as being different anymore
No limit for us
Not yesterday, not ever
Here's my address, come back whenever you please
Leave the door wide open to life
Even if they have humiliated it, brutalized it
There's still something about me
In every latitude there's something
That I would come back to you for
Back to you...still back to you...
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Ancora qui

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