Paulina Rubio - Dame otro tequila (превод на енглески)

превод на енглески

Dame Un Otro Tequila

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what luck, that today is happening to you
You don't know how much i suffered
Understand, that you are nothing
You have been just a bad lesson
Ahora brindo tu dolor
Hoy la suerte me llego
Ya no guardo mas rencor
Dame otro tequila, Para olvidarme de tu amor
Tu nombre es pasado, Mi camisa grande te quedo
Dame otro tequila, esta te la plago yo
Es para que entiendas, Que ahora estoy mucho mejor
You are history to me
Like a tribute, i rise the glass in the end
I practice my goodbye, in that train that i take
Much better without you
And with this tequila...
Who wants another tequila
Dame otro tequila
Dame otro tequila
Give me another tequila, i'll pay this one for you
This is to make you understand that i am better now
I'm not crying i'm just remembering pal
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Dame otro tequila

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