Fluturimi 3470 (превод на енглески)

превод на енглескиенглески

Flight 3470

how rarely and for longing
we are now speaking so closely
you don't have me (by your side)
we are like the three and nine
on the hands of the clock (separated)
last week was so depressing
more upsetting
then the one after it
3470 is delayed
and my life
is on the plane (as in her lover is on the plane that hasn't landed yet)
sweetheart where are you?
tell me where you are right now
in all these years
you poured into/got deeper in my heart
sweetheart where are you?
on the asphalt (shketetire?)
not even love
tied you down with chains (as in: not even our deep love kept you so committed to prevent you from traveling for long periods of time)
i notice millions of faces
they walk with their baggage
i hate this airport
you are not on board
of the international
and my pain
is planetary
the stairs extend- my final crushed hope
the cursed plane is quickly emptying
and a tired soul still waits for you,
only your lovely foot does not step off (the plane)
Поставио/ла: BalkaneuroBalkaneuro У: Петак, 01/01/2010 - 00:00

Fluturimi 3470

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