Anna Vissi - Gazi (Γκάζι) (превод на енглески)

превод на енглески


Again I haven’t closed an eye(expression for: I couldn’t sleep )
and the sun rises shortly
I’m out of cigarettes
And this bottle is almost empty(is close to finish)
stumbling I am caring my body
from the kitchen to the living room
and the distress, if you are coming
one more time that I am drowning in drinks (πιοτό stands for alcohol in general)
one more time I am loosing my self in order to find you
one more time that he has forgotten, again they will say,
the gas open(running) (coal gas)
one more time that I feel that I am not alive
one more time that I am drowning in drinks
one more time the neighbors will find me again
with the gas open(running)
The phone rings
And I am searching it like a crazy (woman)
Under clothes
My heart stops
With the hope to hear you again
Sorry, wrong(number)
And the phone
slips through my soulless hands
and with despair like heavy iron
My knees are bending
One more time that I am drowning in drinks…
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Gazi (Γκάζι)

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