Hassisen Kone - Hiljaa Virtaa Veri (превод на енглески)

превод на енглески

blood flows slowly

Man wants a pure woman to sleep in his armpit.
An innocent angel to encourage and comfort
Man has to be loved, he can't stand either way.
And the man will give a piece of his stonesoul sometime,i guess.
Even though the mouth is closed,it lies
and slowly blood flows away
The man gets his own picture of womans' eyes.
And when you can't break a mirror, we'll just destroy it.
Hairy women scream and turn in their graves.
They want to rape men and get this land.
Men grab the weapons, their backs are shining from sweat
They take the weapons out in the sun, and everything fades away.
We've been given everything that we need for happiness
Arms open wide we cry in front of it
Can man ever love anyone else than his self?
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Hiljaa Virtaa Veri

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