Riccardo Cocciante - Il mio rifugio (превод на енглески)

превод на енглески

Il mio rifugio

When the night slips over us
at the entrance of the school in town
we take hands and I told you
I love you
when a kid cut our road
[b]with a drum of tin and a ski[b]
and that this sound rebound over us
I love you
You are my shelter
then I squeeze you strong next to me
almost to protect the echo insde you
from the first words of love
I love you
when the snow of silence cover up
all the uproar in the center of the town
and our words freeze
I love you
You're my shelter
when the charm still speaks of you
of a painting, a dawn that
isnt there
smiling i think of you
that i love you
so far away i dont know if you will be
so close you could listen to me
no one will tell you like i do
I love you
Yuo are my shelter
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Il mio rifugio

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