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Overflowing River

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She stands up in the dawn when nobody is yet awake
she wants to realise a certain(set) dream
with her two little hands she's working from morning till night
hiding that she's tired
she has a smile for everybody but doesn't allow anybody to come closer
than what she's allowing them
when she's coming home late than she's locking herself out of the world
she's starting to do what is dearest to her
the overflowing river shall carry me far away
it was a harsh winter when i saw her the first time
the new year was knocking
i reached out my hand to touch her because she had an aura of kindness (radiating with kindness so much)
from her eyes the shine
i bothered her so long till she gave me a little kiss to get rid of me
it doesn't go that easy
it's pain that is resting
the overflowing river shall carry me far away
overflowing river
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Nabujala rijeka

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