Nora Istrefi - Pse të dua (превод на енглески)


Pse të dua

Sa shpejt kaluan
Ato dite kur ne te dy kishim ber fjal
Tash ke harruar
Se nje vajze per ty digjet ne strat me mall
Sa shumë te deshta
Këtë gjë më mirë vetëm zoti e di
Ndonese une heshta
E ndjeja se do me braktisesh ti
Dhe qaja une me lot
Ngushëlloja vetëm kot
[Chorus:] (2x)
O pse te dua
Nuk e kuptoj
Ti i lumtur une plage sheroj
O pse te dua
O pse te pres
Shum me mire eshte qe une te vdes
Si me harrove
Dhe shkaterove gjith ate lumturi mesnesh
Ti me tradhetove,
Une po qaj, e ti me nje tjeter po qesh
[Chorus] (4x)
Поставио/ла: Balkaneuro У: Уторак, 02/12/2008 - 15:22
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превод на енглески

Why I love you

how fast those days passed when the two of us had given our word
now you have forgotten, that a girl burns in bed from longing(for you)
i loved you so much
only God knows this best
although i was quiet, i felt that you would
abandon me
i cried (with) tears
i consoled for nothing
oh why do i love you
i do not understand
you are happy, and i am (still) healing wounds
oh why do i love you
o why do i wait for you
it's much better for me to die
how did you forget me, and destroy all the happiness between us
you betrayed me, i cry, while you laugh (are happy) with someone else
Поставио/ла: Balkaneuro У: Уторак, 02/12/2008 - 15:22
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