Harmaja - Sydäntalvella (превод на енглески)

превод на енглески

In the middlewinter

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At my warm lamp
Passes the gold of the moments ["gold (of something)" in Finnish usually means the best or the dearest of something]
Yet didn't the darkness, by devouring, ["devour" as in swallow quickly with a single bite]
Take you from me [pretty hard to translate the last two lines in this order, but you get the point]
You open the garden of (the) fairytale
There we stay twofold ["stay" or "are left", just the two of them]
The fiery roses bloom
Around our head(s) for awhile [the direct translation would be "our head"]
Hear, lashing the window [as in whip lashes. The Finnish word comes directly from "whip"]
Birr the snowy strings ["birr" as in go by or fly quickly with a windy sound, string as in something long and very thing. The same word is used in Finnish for a fishing line]
From the open (of the) sea rages
The breezes of the middlewinter [directly translated "the middlewintery breezes"]
Against/Into the night and the dark [can be understood as either one]
A man must leave
A light of/(from) the window flashes ["flash" as in very gently and almost accidentally]
To the road for a (one last) moment
Staying by my lamp [can be translated also as staying without a reason or when you should for example be elsewhere]
After that I don't know (anything) else
I see a boy/youngster in the storm
Walking beside chasms/gorges
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