Shining - Vilseledda barnasjälars hemvist (превод на енглески)

превод на енглески

The home of misled children's souls

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Open your eyes and be with me
And now watch society's rotten c+u+n+t reveal itself
Now devour its fumes, taste its flavors
And succumb to Satan, like everybody else does, now
Out of anxiety crawls a wisdom, so blindingly evil
Out of anxiety crawls my wisdom, so delightfully evil
Out of anxiety crawls God's wisdom, so wonderfully evil
So ice cold and so completely without mercy
That it makes your life seem like a homeless man's most pitiful joke
You claim you already posess its wisdom
And that you already have felt its thousand agonies
But you, what the devil do you know about death
You that have lived with your eyes shut
The time of a thousand lost child souls is now here
And the truth about you is to find in their horrible scream
Is it not wonderful to finally hear the truth
Especially when it comes from the mouth of a child's decomposed corpse
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Vilseledda barnasjälars hemvist

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