Ajò, ma' [Mom Look] (превод на енглески)

Constructed Language

Ajò, ma' [Mom Look]

Funti faendu is montagna russas!
Candace d'asi giai usara cussa scusa!
Ajò, ascurtamì immoi
Ajò, deppis benni innoi!
Ajò, ma' esti facili!
Ajò, poitta non olisi?
Ant fattu niai cu su soli
Deu non d'appu mai bittu!
Funt andaus in sa luna
Non d'appu mai bittu!
Fiant accantu de mocci a mei
Ajò, Candace!
Ant donnau sa menti de Perry a mei!
Oh, po sa caritari
I fant mera cosas binti mai!
Domu po mi assuconai
Non si firmant
In su tempu viaggiant
Sa mia artetza ant aumentau
I cu unu carru trasportau!
Tottus bestint comment a issus
Iscint eitta esti cussu
A fora, poi, mi sparant
Perry, sempri, circant
Sa conca mia ant pesau
A nonna fattu pattinai
Cussu omini furau
Ma tui non dus bisi mai!
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Constructed version based on the Sardinian language but not actual Sardinian. [Do not remove this note].

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превод на енглески

Come on, mom

They're building 1 a roller coaster
Candace, you have already used this excuse
Come on, now listen to me
Come on, you have to come here
Come on, mom it's easy
Come on, why don't you want (to come here)?
They made snow with sun
I have never seen it!
They went on the moon
I have never seen it!
They were so close to kill me
Come on, Candace!
They gave me Perry's mind!
Oh, for heaven's sake!
They build 2 things never seen [before]
Houses to frighten me
They don't stop
They time travel
They increased my height
And they moved me with a wagon
Everyone dresses like them
[They] know what this is
They shoot me out
They always look for Perry
They remove my head
[They] made grandmom skate
[They] stole this man
But you never see them!
  • 1. lit.: making
  • 2. lit.: make
Поставио/ла: Anna Elsa J. У: Четвртак, 09/08/2018 - 14:00
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