Alive and well

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Meanings of "Alive and well"


Ne samo da nisu nestali, nego su naprotiv još uvek aktivni. Ima ih još. Ništa im ne fali.

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"Alive and well" in lyrics

Firuze - Yalla Habibi

Take care of yourself my darling,
You are needed to me alive and well,
Take care of yourself my darling,

Christian Hymns & Songs - Amazing Love (You Are My King)

I’m forgiven because You were forsaken,
I’m accepted, You were condemned.
I am alive and well, Your spirit is within me,
Because You died and rose again.

Chris Tomlin - Amazing Love

I’m forgiven because You were forsaken,
I’m accepted, You were condemned.
I am alive and well, Your spirit is within me,
Because You died and rose again.

3 Doors Down - Kryptonite

If I go crazy then will you still
Call me Superman
If I'm alive and well,
Will you be there a-holding my hand

Rex Orange County - Sunflower

I want to know
Where I can go
When you're not around

Zakk Wylde - Sleeping Dogs

For the sleeping dogs that lie
They're alive and well
Alive and well

Yat Kha - Ahoi

Yenisei is me, the Sayan and Tan
My nation is alive and well ever since the antiquity.
Thickly melted sygyt & höömei

Stoja - I'll sink this raft

Now I'm fine
But when I get drunk
Run away while you're alive and well
I'll sink this raft

Potap and Nastya - All Beam

On rybalochku Makhno there potatoes with onions.
Life rushes somersault. I'm better, I spin like a top.
Thank God, all alive and well.
So, all the beam!

Sportfreunde Stiller - Hockey (Field)

Red with exhaustion, we want to be
And we invite you to sweat even if you will.
You shall only know one thing: Is it alive and well here in the ...
Hockey - if you ..

Andrés Calamaro - The Flower Palace

disappeared and I haven't seen him anymore.

I hope they are alive and well
in the follow me country

Poetry - The excommunication of Father Antiochus rector of Masuddas

and follow you wherever you are.
May a downfall of thunders
burn you alive and well
and, turned to ember,

Twenty One Pilots - Taxi Cab

Then there were three men up front
All I saw were backs of heads
And then I asked, "Am I alive and well or am I dreaming dead?"
And then one turned around to say,

Joe Dassin - The Luxembourg Garden

My boats are playing again in that pool...
If those years gone by are really dead,
then their traces are alive and well.

Joyce Jonathan - I Dive In

Rush your life and get out
There's nothing to fill in today
My parents alive and well
There's nothing to undo

Nelu Vlad - When Stephen was about to die

So much myrrh and incence,
For the brave Stephen
To remain alive and well!

Amy MacDonald - Human Spirit

Human spirit is alive and well
Human spirit is alive and well
Human spirit is alive and well

Jelena Karleuša - Lost Cause

But my tears are falling for you,
they want to flood the earth.
But you are alive and well, as though it isn't your fault.

Sparks - Girl from Germany

My word, they can't forget, they never will
They can hear the storm troops on our lawn when I show her in
And the F? is alive and well in our paneled den
Oh no, bring her home and the folks look ill

Wishlantern - It's True

Where you could watch whales or they watch you -- it's true
Where you could walk where time has stood still -- it's true
Where centuries of tradition are alive and well -- it's true
And where being friendly is a way of life -- it's true

George Strait - All My Ex's Live in Texas

Some folks think I'm hidin',
It's been rumored that I died,
But I'm alive and well in Tennessee.

Matanza - All the Hate of Jack Buffalo Head's Revenge

Who'll tell me that I'm wrong
if I'm alive and well
And no can handle me.

Withey Shafer - All My Eyes Live In Texas

Some folks think I'm hidin'
It's been rumored that I died
But I'm alive and well in Tennessee

Fleet Foxes - Tiger Mountain Peasant Song

Anybody that dear to me

Dear shadow, alive and well
How can the body die?

Ukrainian Folk - Slavyanka March (Farewell of Slovyanky)

Off to war, father, and brother, did go.
Do not get lost on the long road ahead,
May you all alive and well, return!

Moonspell - Malignia

The quick spider weaving
Keeping the web alive and well
Like the black widow male

Hamza Namira - Train

We wander lost amongst people, drinking from every cup.
Although we are dying, we appear as though we are alive and well.

Mac Miller - We

Yeah, okay, and time will tell
If I'm alive and well, cause when I'm by myself
I find that I keep flying high, sometimes I must remind myself

Douglas Dare - Nile

I, I'd sail down the river Nile,
Just to keep you alive and well

Carolyn Wonderland - Still Alive And Well

I'm still alive and well
Every now and then its kind of hard to tell
But I'm still alive and well

Megurine Luka - A Harrowing Affair

I got my revenge burnt all to the ground
Let the flames burn let no body be found
Who's to say I'm not alive and well?
Here in this world, my personal Hell

Walt Whitman - Song Of Myself, VI

And what do you think has become of the women and chil- dren?

They are alive and well somewhere,
The smallest sprout shows there is really no death,

Flora Cash - For Someone

The smell of you is on me still
The night died way too young
This feeling is alive and well
Even in your deepest dread

Ww Ww - Nam Rests Now

From Normandy to Nam fellow brothers have many fell
In youthful years turmoil torn without any right
Many have passed to keep their buddys alive and well
Now only a name and a memory are in sight

KING 810 - A Conversation With God

Plus if you're a KING wheres your prince
We're all fighting a hard battle mostly with ourselves
Slavery is very much alive and well

Patrick Fiori - The people we love

Because they're important to us every moment
Sweet words are better than a beautiful requiem
As long as we are alive and well
Say everything to each other when it's time

Dom Dinis "O Poeta" (King of Portugal) - Oh, Blossoms of the Green Pine Tree!

Oh Lord, where is he?

I am glad to tell you that he is alive and well
And he'll be with you after some time passes.

Martin Codax - Word came today

and I´m going, mother, to Vigo.

He´s alive and well
and is the king´s friend,

Anica Zubovic - May the sun always be

In the notebook of my baby boy
Boyishness is alive and well in the world,
on every page there's one new drawing

Brad Paisley - The Devil Is Alive and Well

But I bet we can agree that the devil
Is alive and well
Alive and well

Korn - So Unfair

[Lyrics from: https:/]
There's times I have bad days
But he is still alive and well
It's all I need now

HIM - Venus (In Our Blood)

Her Heaven's a lie to those who threw away the key
Her God is alive and well when the higher believes
And you can't damn the river of her dreams

Quest - Salute

We gather for hope, a hope that never runs out
They gave it all, until the very end
Alive and well, neverending

Warlock - I Rule the Ruins

Sinner or saint
Fortune or fate
Alive and well in this livin' hell
I survived it all, now it's time to tell

First Aid Kit - Tiger Mountain Peasant Song

Staggering through premonitions of my death
I don't see anybody that dear to me
Dear shadow alive and well
How can the body die