Alive and well

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Meanings of "Alive and well"


Ne samo da nisu nestali, nego su naprotiv još uvek aktivni. Ima ih još. Ništa im ne fali.

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"Alive and well" in lyrics

Rex Orange County - Sunflower

I want to know
Where I can go
When you're not around

Patrick Fiori - The people we love

Because they're important to us every moment
Sweet words are better than a beautiful requiem
As long as we are alive and well
Say everything to each other when it's time

Firuze - Yalla Habibi

Take care of yourself my darling,
You are needed to me alive and well,
Take care of yourself my darling,

Flora Cash - For Someone

The smell of you is on me still
The night died way too young
This feeling is alive and well
Even in your deepest dread

Zakk Wylde - Sleeping Dogs

For the sleeping dogs that lie
They're alive and well
Alive and well

Joe Dassin - The Luxembourg Garden

My boats are playing again in that pool...
If those years gone by are really dead,
then their traces are alive and well.

Hamza Namira - Train

We wander lost amongst people, drinking from every cup.
Although we are dying, we appear as though we are alive and well.

Yat Kha - Ahoi

Yenisei is me, the Sayan and Tan
My nation is alive and well ever since the antiquity.
Thickly melted sygyt & höömei

Quest - Salute

We gather for hope, a hope that never runs out
They gave it all, until the very end
Alive and well, neverending

Potap and Nastya - All Beam

On rybalochku Makhno there potatoes with onions.
Life rushes somersault. I'm better, I spin like a top.
Thank God, all alive and well.
So, all the beam!

Stoja - I'll sink this raft

Now I'm fine
But when I get drunk
Run away while you're alive and well
I'll sink this raft

Twenty One Pilots - Taxi Cab

Then there were three men up front
All I saw were backs of heads
And then I asked, "Am I alive and well or am I dreaming dead?"
And then one turned around to say,

3 Doors Down - Kryptonite

If I go crazy then will you still
Call me Superman
If I'm alive and well,
Will you be there a-holding my hand

George Strait - All My Ex's Live in Texas

Some folks think I'm hidin',
It's been rumored that I died,
But I'm alive and well in Tennessee.

Joyce Jonathan - I Dive In

Rush your life and get out
There's nothing to fill in today
My parents alive and well
There's nothing to undo

Christian Hymns & Songs - Amazing Love (You Are My King)

I’m forgiven because You were forsaken,
I’m accepted, You were condemned.
I am alive and well, Your spirit is within me,
Because You died and rose again.

Mac Miller - We

Yeah, okay, and time will tell
If I'm alive and well, cause when I'm by myself
I find that I keep flying high, sometimes I must remind myself

Ukrainian Folk - Slavyanka March (Farewell of Slovyanky)

Off to war, father, and brother, did go.
Do not get lost on the long road ahead,
May you all alive and well, return!

KING 810 - A Conversation With God

Plus if you're a KING wheres your prince
We're all fighting a hard battle mostly with ourselves
Slavery is very much alive and well

Nelu Vlad - When Stephen was about to die

So much myrrh and incence,
For the brave Stephen
To remain alive and well!