Annette Moreno - Winter In The Desert

  • Извођач: Annette Moreno
  • Албум: Navidad (2003) [Track #10]
  • Преводи: шпански #1, #2

Winter In The Desert

I like to take walks in the park
And smile when I have a good thought
But more than anything, to be with friends
That have brought smiles to my face
If you ever want to see it
Come to Arizona and believe it
You'll see cactus light up mountains
Then make new memories to talk about them
It's Christmas in the desert
It's the season that I wait for
Such a beautiful Christmas
The cold is perfect in the winter
Come and walk and take somebody's hand
Let it be somebody that you love
Kiss them on the cheek and hug them tight
Underneath the stars in the big blue sky
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