Barco Negro (превод на енглески)

превод на енглески

Black [sail]boat

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In the morning, how I feared that you could find me ugly
I woke up trembling, laid on the beach's sand
But immediately your eyes told me the opposite
And the sun entered into my heart
Then I saw a cross stuck on a rock
And your black sailboat dancing under the light
I saw your hand waving goobye among the ready loose sails
Old women of the beach tell me that you will not come back
They are crazy... They are crazy...
I know, my love, that you, in fact, did not leave
because, everything around me tells me that you are always with me
You are in the wind, which spreads sand on the glass (of the windows)
You are in the water, that sings into the dying fire
You are in the warmth of the rest from empty seabeds
You are forever with me, into my heart/chest
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Barco Negro