Bushido - Besoffene Kinder (превод на енглески)

превод на енглески

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You Abortion, fuck your mother, now i'm on turn,
when i come, your brother is going to hustle on the street,
your sister is make up herself in the whorehouse,
i'm a good guy who is fucking you - isnt that funny?
I give a fuck on you, you piece of shit, i'm a millionaire,
you rad dealer, say how much is a kilo worth,
everbody of you kids is mostly disabled,
disabled like drunken children,
because, i punch you everytime say, what time is it,
i dont need a-level to see that you are a hoe,
i slap every of you cripple instantly,
and see the skyline, you only the hut in your village,
it is saad, carlo cokxxx 2, i rap until they are dead,
ive got the overvoice, your aunt becomes megahorny,
this bitch becomes megahorny and is going to blow,
without taking any money, i'll give her some crack
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Besoffene Kinder

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