Black Nail Cabaret - Dance For You


Dance For You

I was a dancer once in my life
but the ballet stopped spinning around
they killed me, left my body behind on the stage
That's where you found me
You collected my parts
You really liked me, it restarted my heart
You've put me together, you're my little Frankenstein
It's hard to remember, those were miserable times
For you and for me, we lived different lives
You laid next to me with your broken melodies around
You know I threw my shoes away
It doesn't matter, I can dance for you
You know it makes me sad again
It doesn't matter I will dance for you
I look into your eyes, I see myself
What would I be without you?
With no meaning, no control
Now I know where my way starts
I'm so high above myself
This rhythm inside my heart
I can dance for you
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