Canción para un niño en la calle (version con Calle 13) (превод на енглески)

превод на енглескиенглески

Song for a child on the street (version with Calle 13)

At this hour exactly
There's a child on the street...
There's a child on the street!
It's men's honour to protect what grows
to act so that there's no childhood scattered on the streets
to avoid that his ship heart sinks
his incredible adventure of bread and chocolate.
Putting a star in the place where his hunger is
doing it another way is useless, doing it another way is absurd
rehearsing joy and song on earth
because it's not worth a thing if there's a child on the street.
Calle 13:
Everything toxic from my country enters through my nose
I wash cars, I clean shoes,
I smell of work and also of cops
I steal wallets but I'm a good person, I am a smile without teeth
Rain without a roof, nail with dirt
I am what is left from war.
An empty stomach, I am a bruise on a knee cured by cold
I am the best tourist guide of the slum
for three pesos I show you the capital.
I don't need a visa to fly around the roundel
because I play with paper planes.
Rice with stones, mud with wine-
and I imagine what I lack.
The world shouldn't go around with love barefoot
hoisting a newspaper like a wing in hand
climbing trains, trading laughter
hitting our chest with a tired wing.
Life just born shouldn't go around with a price
childhood risked for a tight gain
Because then hands are useless bundles
and the heart, nothing more than a bad word.
Calle 13:
When night falls, I sleep awake
one eye closed and the other open,
in case the tigers shoot me with bullets
my life is like a circus but without a clown
I go walking through the trench
juggling five oranges
begging everyone I can for money
on a bicyle with just one wheel
I am oxygen for this continent
I am what the president didn't take care of.
Don't be scared if I have bad breath
or if you see me without a shirt, with my nipples in the wind -
I am just one more element of the landscape
the street receipts are my camouflage
like something that exists, that seems to be fake
something without life, but that is still breathing.
Woe is the one who forgot that there's a child on the street
that there are millions of children living on the street
and a multitude of children growing up on the street
I see them pressing on their little heart
Looking at all of us with a fable in their eyes
an incomplete lightning crosses their gaze
because noone protects that life that is growing
and love is lost
in a child on the street,
Calle 13:
Listen, at this hour exactly, there's a child on the street,
There's a child on the street.
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Canción para un niño en la calle (version con Calle 13)

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