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This Game

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Crazy and so obvious
that I can no longer make any sense
of this exciting game
so fun but so tiresome
You like manipulating me
and I like doing the same just as much
We're both victims
of this sweet lovers' game.
I'll make an effort
I know you by heart
I simply need to ignore you
to make you come back crying
I take care of you
You leave again, that's how it goes
It's always the same thing,
and I expect it every time
Passion, emotion, fixing equations
I shake the solution, but I always have the same feeling
It's so obvious
that I can no longer make any sense
of this exciting game, so fun but so tiresome
I don't want a love without flaws
Too perfect, I'm not interested in you
Crazy about you, especially when you leave
Crazy about me, I'm going right away
I lose myself sometimes
often, it's done well
And you hide your happiness
because you had me
like a stupid, gentle prey
who doesn't learn anything
from the crude and basic trap of a charming boy
But it's really too easy
as soon as you smile, you pull me in
like a nimble magnet on a tight iron wire
But it's really too easy
It's my apple* that attracts you
I turn my back to leave
You know that it isn't sour**
*refers to her face, body, physical traits
**refers to the "apple"
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Ce jeu

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