Chas! y aparezco a tu lado (превод на енглески)

превод на енглескиенглески

Snap! and I appear next to you

Snap! I'm not more than you, your fantasies
so many times you dreamed that it came true
but what you, you didn't
know is that dreams can not be controled
Chorus: when you think you see me, I cross the wall
I do snap! and I appear next to you
you want to go after me, poor you, you can't catch me
And I'm capable to enter in your dreams to go back through the sky and
walk on the sea and
suddenly make myself
flesh and blood so you
can caress me
Chorus 1x
If maybe you bring a woman
if she gets annoying and does not leave you alone
an icy hand on her backs, a couple of tricks and she doesn't come back again
Chorus 2x
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Chas! y aparezco a tu lado

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