Che male fa (превод на енглески)

превод на енглескиенглески

What harm

What harm
What harm
to grit your teeth
for once
even if I know
that of my heart
don't you really care ?
I would like to steal some true love from you
all for me
and if there is a whole world between you and me,
what's wrong?
for fun, but you've been a bit mine too
And with you
it is worth trying to have an affair.
What harm
to believe I am a friend
just for one evening,
to pretend but (pretend but)
even so
to give you all of me
and do not understand anymore
between false and true
what difference is there?
a game that can be crazy,
And with you
the affair seems to me even more beautiful and strange.
for fun, but you've been a bit mine too
And with you
it was worth to trying it
an affair
and afterwards you will never have nostalgia for me ...
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Che male fa

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