Classic Beauty… (превод на Tongan)


Classic Beauty…

It's every kind of beauty, in its own way.
It's the essence that is inscribed within
Our deepest thoughts.
It's any action that we give without expecting a reward,
It's every action we can demonstrate
And we know carrying out with determination.
It's all that remains inside us,
It's exposed when we are well with ourselves
And is reflected in our soul.
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превод на Tongan

Māsani Fakatōtōatu

Ko ha fa'ahinga kotoa māsani ia, 'i hono fa'ahinga
Ko e tefito 'oku tohi 'i loto
'O 'etau manatu loloto.
Ko ha fai 'oku 'o atu 'akitautolu kae 'oua 'eke ki ha pale
Ko ha fai kotoa 'oku 'ahi'ahi'i 'akimautolu
Pea 'oku tau 'ilo ia 'o fai atu mo e loto.
Ko ia kotoa 'oku toe 'i loto 'o kitautolu
Hā ia 'i hotau lelei 'ia te kitautolu
Pea 'utua ia 'i hotau laumaalie.
"Work hard in silence, let your success be your noise!"
Поставио/ла: SilentRebel83 У: Субота, 04/02/2017 - 02:51