Artists who died in 2018 (July - December)

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A collection of the artists that passed away in 2018, from July to December.

извођач | France Pop-Folk

François Corbier died on July 1 (aged 73).

Top song:  La louve
извођач | United Kingdom Pop Pop-Rock

Alan Longmuir (bass guitar) died on July 2 (aged 70).

Richard Swift died on July 3 (aged 41).

Top 2 songs:  Losing Sleep R.I.P.
извођач | Macedonia Pop Rock

Vlatko Ilievski died on July 6 (aged 33).

извођач | United States Metal

Mark Shelton (guitar and vocals) died on July 27 (aged 60).

Top 2 songs:  Road of Kings Astronomica
7. Maanam
извођач | Poland Pop Rock Pop-Rock

Olga Alexandra Sipowicz (a.k.a. Kora Ostrowska, lead singer) died on July 28 (aged 67).

извођач | Croatia Pop Singer-songwriter

Oliver Dragojević died on July 29 (aged 70).

извођач | Portugal Fado

Celeste Rodrigues died on August 1 (aged 95).

10. Huntress
извођач | United States Metal

Jill Janus (lead singer) died on August 14 (aged 42).

Aretha Franklin died on August 16 (aged 76).

извођач | Italy Singer-songwriter

Claudio Lolli died on August 17 (aged 68).

извођач | Poland Comedy Poetry

Bronisław Opałko died on August 18 (aged 66).

извођач | Australia Alternative

Spencer P. Jones (guitar) died on August 21 (aged 61).

Top song:  Psycho
извођач | United States Blues Country Rock

Ed King (guitar) died on August 22 (aged 68).

Kyle Pavone (singer) died on August 25 (aged 28).

18. Hotdog
извођач | Philippines

Rene Garcia (guitar) died on September 2 (aged 66).

Conway Savage (piano and background vocals) died on September 2 (aged 58).

извођач | Italy Singer-songwriter

Katyna Ranieri died on September 3 (aged 93).

извођач | Spain Singer-songwriter

Elisa Serna died on September 4 (aged 75).

извођач | United States Metal

Richard Bateman (bass guitar) died on September 5 (aged 50).

Top 2 songs:  Gladiator Metal Knights
извођач | United States Country

Burt Reynolds died September 6 (aged 82).

Mac Miller died September 7 (aged 26).

извођач | Germany

Daniel Küblböck presumably died September 9 (aged 33).

извођач | Algeria Singer-songwriter

Rachid Taha died on September 12 (aged 59).

извођач | Netherlands

Anneke Grönloh died on September 14 (aged 76).

28. Jean Piat
извођач | France Singer-songwriter

Jean Piat died on September 18 (aged 93).

извођач | Peru Folk

Carmencita Lara died on September 18 (aged 91).

извођач | Slovakia

Jana Kociánová died on September 24 (aged 72).

Top song:  Ja tu zostanem
извођач | United Kingdom Alternative

Dale Barclay, singer of The Amazing Snakeheads, died on September 25 (aged 32).

извођач | United States Rock Pop-Rock

Marty Balin, co-founder and lead singer of Jefferson Airplane, died on September 27 (aged 76).

Top song:  Hearts
33. Otis Rush
извођач | United States Blues R&B/Soul

Otis Rush died on September 29 (aged 84).

извођач | Brazil MPB

Angela Maria died on September 30 (aged 89).

извођач | Denmark Rock

Kim Larsen died on September 30 (aged 72).

извођач | France Singer-songwriter

Charles Aznavour died on October 1 (aged 94).

извођач | United States Pop

Bernadette Carroll died on October 5 (aged 74).

извођач | Spain Opera

Montserrat Caballé died on October 6 (aged 85).

извођач | United Kingdom Pop-Rock

John Wicks, singer and guitarist of The Records, died on October 7 (aged 65).

Top song:  Starry Eyes
40. Gretchen
извођач | Venezuela Latino

Gretchen Serrao died on October 8 (aged 28).

Top song:  Tu Princesa
41. Iklim
извођач | Malaysia Pop-Rock Rock

Saleem Abdul Majid, singer of Iklim, died on October 14 (aged 57).

извођач | Uzbekistan

Aziza Niyozmetova died on October 14 (aged 46).

извођач | Latvia

Valters Frīdenbergs died on October 17 (aged 30).

Oli Herbert (guitar) died on October 17 (aged 44).

извођач | United States Country Rock

Tony Joe White died on October 24 (aged 75).

извођач | United States Country

Freddie Hart died on October 27 (aged 91).

Top song:  Easy Loving
извођач | United States Hip-Hop/Rap

Baba Oje died on October 26 (aged 87).

Top song:  Tennessee
извођач | Germany Comedy

Ingo Insterburg died on Oktober 27 (aged 84).

извођач | Philippines

Rico J. Puno died on October 30 (aged 65).

Top 3 songs:  Lupa Damdamin May Bukas Pa

Hardy Fox died on October 30 (aged 73).

извођач | Portugal Pop

Maria Guinot died on November 3 (aged 73).

извођач | United States Indie Pop-Rock Punk

Tom Diaz, founding member and former singer of the band, died on November 3 (aged 32).

54. Herbs
извођач | New Zealand

Tama Renata (guitar, vocals) died on November 4.

Top song:  French Letter
извођач | France Soundtrack

Francis Lai died on November 7 (aged 86).

извођач | Germany Hip-Hop/Rap

Samson Wieland's death was announced on November 9 (aged 27).

Top 2 songs:  Hallo!? Alles
извођач | Chile Latino

Lucho Gatica died on November 13 (aged 90).

извођач | Zimbabwe

Brian Rusike, keyboarder and songwriter of the Pied Pipers, was discovered dead on November 13 (aged 62).

извођач | Japan Anime

Ken Narita died on November 13 (aged 73).

извођач | Mexico Poetry

Fernando del Paso died on November 14 (aged 83).

извођач | Venezuela Latino

Mario Suárez died on November 14 (aged 92).

Top 2 songs:  Aquella noche Sabaneando
62. Roy Clark
извођач | United States Country

Roy Clark died on November 15 (aged 85).

63. De Dannan
извођач | Ireland Folk

Alec Finn (bouzouki player and founding member) died on November 16 (aged 74).

Top song:  Maggie
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